Thanks for crowdfunding Movement! Now help us to get the remaining 39% by spreading the word!

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Dear Friends, First of all, thanks again for the support you gave to crowd funding movement! It means a lot to us. We' re doing well, but time is ticking away for us. Still 39% to go and just 10 days on the clock. 


So we can use your help again, not with an other donation but call out to your friends! Please help us to share the link of the crowd funder online now.


You can put the link on Facebook and Twitter or send an email to those friends you think are likely to support this documentary. It would be great if you could put a personal note with the link to say why you support this documentary!


Thanks!! With your help we're confident that we'll reach the mark by the 23th of December.Greetings from Job and Ellard.


Ps: reading this article on the guardian about the Lima talks, makes clear why we need a even stronger movement for climate justice! This documentary can hopefully be a small building block in building this movement.





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I think it would have been appropriate if you could ask for help for the crowd funding movement from review. I am sure they would have liked to play their part.