No Road Left Behind

No Road Left Behind
A Documentary by Sven Prince
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LOCKLINENo Road Left Behind is the story about a wasted talent and lost opportunities.

No Road Left Behind

No Road Left Behind will be a short documentary about wasted talent.


Track cyclist Stefan Vis (‘Fish’) once belonged to the absolute Dutch top. Though at a young age he redeemed his bike for the pub and forgot about track cycling. For years he didn’t took part in races until a forbidden street race caught his attention. On a new bike but with the same talent Fish returned as the hungry sprinter he once was.

Stefan’s life is still dominated by cycling. But at the same time he struggles with a society that demands a lot more than only his love for the bike.



Most people consider sport as a hobby. An outlet. A medical advice or simply as a good intention. For someone who’s got talent sport is something to distinguish you from others. Something to get recognized by other people. Or, in some cases, to be admired and hated at the same time.

Imagine. You get the change to reach your full potential.  You can devote your whole life to the thing that makes you unique en that you love. You simply cannot imagine a different life and you do not want that either. There will be a moment that other factors will determine your talent: the team, your personality or a lack of fun. What will you do? Do you quit with something you are so fond of? Or do you keep moving on against your will until you can’t take it any longer?

Stefan chose the first option and said farewell to his sport. He is only one of the many wasted talents. Unknown, anonymous en left behind with the question: ‘What if…’ No Road Left Behind is about this question. About the human conscience and about a second chance. Because that is what Stefan’s still thinking of. But he wants to do it in his way. In the relatively unknown world of the international street criterions where everybody knows him. Where he is meaningful. But society ignores this status and faces Stefan with new challenges again and again.


This film is selected for development in the context of the AD Sportfilmfestival Rotterdam. De film receives 4000 euro in total from OPEN Rotterdam and the VSB foundation, and will be first screened at the festival (6 April 2017). The remainder, 5000 euro, is to be funded by the crowd.


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