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Hi everyone,

Netflix & Chill has been released online this week! So in light of this, I thought it’d be nice to give you a run down of everything that happened around this short film since you first supported it. What started as a high-concept absurd script, became a great lesson in filmmaking made possible by friends and family.

Why I wanted to make it
Netflix & Chill started more than 2 years ago. After doing many commercial projects and frustrated with the difficulty of getting my own stuff out there, I felt the need to experiment with something personal. Slighty based on my own life, mostly sprinkled with weirdness and genre filmmaking. It was scary because I had not yet seriously ventured out in the territory of doing both directing and screenwriting on a project that was completely my own. 

Thanks to your trust, me and the incredible cast and crew were able to bring Netflix & Chill to life. So first off, a big thanks to everyone who made a donation. And a big thanks to the producers at Umami and BNNVARA for believing. And a big kiss to Yannick and Romy, beautiful actors doing beautiful stuff now! Follow them if you don't already.

What happened with the short film?
Luckily, Netflix & Chill picked up global buzz before it was even filmed, which helped crowdfunding across the borders.

It premiered at the Netherlands Film Festival in the fall of 2017, where it was nominated in the Debut Competition. After that, it enjoyed an great festival tour, with screenings in Spain, the UK, Germany, Hungary, Canada and all over the United States. It was also used in educaiton programs for middle schoolers and became a long running pre-film in Kinepolis theatres all over the country. To this day, festivals find out about the film and request screenings. 

Looking back at the entire process I’ve learned a lot as a filmmaker. Even though I would have do things a little differently today, I still enjoy this film a lot and have come to appreciate it as a great learning experience. 

Where can I see Netflix & Chill?
Now, with the festival run coming to an end, Netflix & Chill is finally online. 

The film has been launched online at NPO3’s Youtube channel:

What's next
For those curious about what I’m up to now, please follow me Instagram:

For everyone patient enough to have read all the way to this point I say this: thank you ❤️
I have been able to do a lot more great work that is close to my heart and this weird little film about two teenagers on a couch has definitely played a part in making that possible. So thanks everyone.


Photography: Dielis Rentrop

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