Netflix & Chill

Netflix & Chill
A Short film by Michael Middelkoop
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LOCKLINEA short horror comedy about a night of Netflix & chill that takes a turn for the worse.

Netflix & Chill has been selected for ‘The open air pitch’, an initiative by the VSB fund, ShortsTV, The Open Air Theatre Rotterdam and Cinecrowd. This means, the film with get a production fund alongside global TV distribution deal with ShortsTV. if we meet our target goal!

So please support us by choosing an amount you wish to pledge. You will receive a fitting incentive and become a co-producer of the film.

Netflix & Chill
Netflix & Chill is a short horror comedy about a date night on a couch that takes a turn for the worse. The screenplay was written by Michael Middelkoop, who will also direct. The film is produced by Umami Media.

After months of flirting and texting, a young guy finally gets the message he's been waiting for: the girl of his dreams invites him over. Her parents are gone for the weekend and she down for a good film on Netflix. As the night progresses, one guy hoping to get lucky finds out that luck is having a day off… 

We all love Netflix. And Youtube. And Spotify. Services that allow us to see what we want and when we want it.

At the same time, we're getting a little addicted. We want everything on demand.
We're too impatient to wait. We want it fast, short and when ever we feel like it.

Netflix & Chill serves an absurd vision of what would happen if we completely lose ourselves in that addiction.

The phrase ‘Netflix & Chill’ was birthed online. So the film will be full of references to memes, obscure pop culture en genre films that spoon fed the creators behind Netflix & Chill. We hope to find likeminds and enthousiast that want to help us bring our vision to live and give a great film back.

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Netflix and chill they said.
It would be fun they said.
The internet
This project was successfully funded on 16-09-2016

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