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LOCKLINEA Christian boy who committed a sin seems to go through hell, so he needs to wake up from his nightmare before it's too late.


Josh Smith. A Christian who has committed a sin by having sexual intercourse before marriage. Praying for forgiveness was the result. As if it couldn't have been worse, his parents were constantly arguing, causing all the stress to accumulate.

When Josh went to sleep one night, his worst nightmares became reality. Josh couldn't move with all the demons dancing around him. He woke up sweating, he was convinced; He went to hell.

We follow Josh who still thinks he is going to hell, but actually things are different; He is suffering from narcolepsy, a sleep disorder.

Find out all about one who suffers from the symptoms of a sleep disorder, but experiences it in its own way.


Filmmakers Matthijs Plat, Ruben Bouw and Bjorn Smid got the chance to finally make one of their biggest dreams come true; make a short film. But about what? What kind of movie? These are questions that we were all too happy to deal with, because creativity is one of the greatest things that appeals to us.

We have chosen to tell someone's story, and also give it our own creative touch.


We would like to make this film because we have an enormous passion for film and making it. We delved into the topic and found someones true story, which is so interesting that we will tell his story. Our goal is to create a beautiful end product with meaning, to make a film that leaves the viewer with different emotions. We also want to learn from the process of making the short film.


By supporting this campaign you are part of making the three boys' dream come true, and you help us make the film a reality on a professional level.

Quote that inspired the maker

A figure appeared out of the left side of my peripheral. It was humanoid, and it was pale white. No pigment in the skin. No eyebrows, no facial hair — none of that. But the eyes were the deepest of deep. Just darkness.
Uit het interview van NPR met Josh Smith
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