Music video "RUN" door Luckner

Music video "RUN" by Luckner
A Video clip by Desmond Denton
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LOCKLINEThe video is about a man who spontaneously decides to break out of his dull,stressful life. The story portrays a man rediscovering the beauty of life.

Luckner (Alex von Luckner) is a music producer from Switzerland who has recently released his second single "Run". And of course this needs a music video. In the past, Alex has worked with Gerwin, a creative entrepreneur and passionate video producer / editor with a preference for the extreme. He wants to bring that passion and his love for South Africa together in a breathtaking musicvideo full of extremes. A combination of contrast, culture, sports and of course music.


And we need your help to achieve that! The more funding the more extremes the video will content. Think of hot pursuits, shots from helicopters, etc. and all of this filmed with high-end cameras for the ultimate effect. Super slomotions, glide cams, steady cams and all of this done in this perfect backdrop of Cape Town, the mother city. The creative heart of Africa. Design Capital of the World.

"Allright, that sounds interesting, but what is the video about!?"

The video is about a man who spontaneously decides to break out of his dull and stressful everyday life. For years he’s been working in a dull office in Capetown, and over the past years he increasingly lived past his life without himself noticing. The character fits the preoccupations about investment bankers in terms of their greed for money, fast success and competition. He should mirror the zeitgeist of today’s fast-paced working environment.

The story portrays a man rediscovering the beauty of nature and the more profound qualities and virtues in life.


The general idea is to follow the main character on his journey to tablemountain. (Climb the highest mountaintops) This basically will be a freerunner that shreds the streets of Cape Town, but depending of the budget other extreme sport will be added. Basically we want to surpass the previous video we did but shoot all of the footage ourself.

We will reach our goal by collaborating with young local award winning film makers.

"How can we help out making the video, and what will I receive for it in return?"

By donating through this website, you help us directly in the development of this video, this could be a small donation from a few euros to large donations. Every donation got it's own "reward" the larger the donation the more awesome the reward of course.

This can be the track itself, a DVD with the video and a making of in which you will be named in a special thanks. Or product placement in the video for the corporate sponsor (side note check the tax advantage) Or even a freerun workshop! There is a fitting reward for everyone! So check them out and help us make this exciting, xtreme video!



Quote that inspired the maker

I tried to run from the silence in my heart... I tried to jump from the edge of space instead I tried to climb the highest mountain tops.
This project was successfully funded on 05-02-2014

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