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LOCKLINEA documentary about young people across Europe fighting for climate justice.

What's the documentary about:Two years ago we (Job and Ellard) had a great idea. We wanted to make a documentary of young people all connected in some way to the Young Friends of the Earth Network, a new generation of activists, who are engaged with social and environmental justice campaigning. We wanted to portray the diversity of this movement, the people and their engagement.The idea was put into action and during the past year we've travelled across Europe, by train and crappy cars to jump into the lives of four young activists. This resulted in an amazing feature length documentary. Movement tells the stories of Ina, Luka, Lucy and Nathan and shows their lives as an activist.We're nearly there and we can use your help to finish the documentary:Now near to completion we need to do a last crowd funding effort to be able to finish this independent documentary so that it's ready to be shown on film festivals and in screenings across Europe next year. We can really use your help: We need just a few thousands euros to reach our target and make the finishing touches to the movie so that it will be ready after 2 years of work.We hope that the trailer gives you a good inside of the story and the potential this documentary has to be shown to a wider public. By making a (small) donation you'll be able to make this documentary be spread, shown and watched. With your contribution you will co-create the inspiration for hundreds, hopefully thousands of young people that we'll give environmental activism a go!In return for your contribution we'll add you to the supporters list on our website and we’ll give you something small in return, according to the height of your pledge (see the list with rewards)

Where your money goes:By supporting this project, you’ll be financing Job and Ellard to finish this documentary. Your support will help cover costs like getting music rights sorted, doing design work, buying hardware, making copies and spreading this documentary to all the corners of the world starting with Europe.Contacting us:Do you have any questions or suggestions regarding the documentary please contact us on: jobvdassem@gmail.comSoon we'll launch a new website for the documentary. For now follow us on Facebook


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A documentary about young people across Europe fighting for climate justice. Who are these people? What are their initiatives? What drives them? Ellard and Job travelled across Europe to find out.
This project was successfully funded on 23-12-2014

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