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LOCKLINEFor four years Erik has been fighting to see his own son. Legolas currently lives with his mom in Peru, about 10,000 kilometers from here.


In the movie Mount Legolas, I want to pay attention to the fact that within our multicultural society we are increasingly facing parental child abduction after divorce. 

At the center of this story is Erik, the left-behind parent, placed outside his will in the powerless situation to see all contact with his son broken.


For more than four years, Eric is confronted with the loss of his son. Time in Belgium seems to have stopped since his son was abducted by his ex-wife. After two years of exasperating administration, things seem to be moving forward. The case will be heard by a Peruvian judge. Erik and his father Bart leave for the Andes in the hope of finally seeing his son.

During this trip, the clash between South America and Europe becomes obvious.Both have different values and standards when it comes to parenting. 

What rights does the surviving parent have?  Where is the child's interest in having both parents in his life? And what if the two are out of sync?

How do you live as a father realizing that your child is increasingly alienating from you every day? How much can a father defy for his child?

MOUNT LEGOLAS follows Eric in his battle for Legolas, and it is at the same time a journey through his memories and thoughts.




The setting of the story is the street view of Tacna, a colonial provincial

town on the edge of the Atacama Desert. Eric lives in a legal and emotional labyrinth. During this time, he is practically lived and finds himself in an emotionally exhausting rollercoaster. The city becomes an emotionally charged decor in which the viewer feels like a prisoner. Tacna begins to act as a character who highlights the plight of the situation.



To catch his breath, Erik wanderes around the Atacama Desert to pause for a moment on what is happening at that time.

But there is also time to reflect on the old pain and sorrow from the past. Through old family recordings and photos, the past of Erik is more unraveled. This way, the viewer becomes more and more absorbed in his world, his life, his story.



We believe that this story needs to be told, its a universal story. A parent - child relation is the most pure exciting relationship. Although not an everyday story and situation, the theme of the film is universal: the father-son relationship. 

Getting into a situation like Erik's sounds like a nightmare for many parents. But still, it's happening today more than we think, but less extreme. The divorce rate continues to rise and the question remains "How does the distribution of parent/child occur?

The resilience that Eric exhibits when life challenges him is very inspiring. By portraying this man's brave emotional struggle, we hope that this film may contribute to greater social awareness, insight and empathy and image-making around the separation of parent/child.

Your support of the film would help to promote these stories and to raise awareness ofthis increasingly prevalent offence.



The money raised will help cover the costs of actually finishing the movie. This includesthe last shoot in Peru.Maris must be able to show how Erik is trying to deal with what is happening to him. 

After filming, the editing process will begin to weave this incredibly diverse, complexand massive amount of material into a riveting narrative. On top of that, an original scoreand sound design will tie the elements together.

To break it down, the more we can raise the better and faster we can finish the film. With your help, we’ll be able to complete this fascinating documentary and share it with you,too.

Shooting a 75’ film, on-location is a challenge!

However with your help we will get there much sooner, and we are aiming for submitting this film to Sundance in September 2023.







Quote that inspired the maker

"What rights does the left-behind parent have? And how do you live as a father with the realization that your child is becoming more and more alienated from you every day?
Maris De Smedt
This project was closed on 08-10-2021

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