Mondriaan Fund

Mondriaan Fund Encourages Crowdfunding via CineCrowd

The Mondriaan Fund has been working with CineCrowd since 1 July 2019. As a pilot project, this fund contributes to crowdfunding campaigns of visual artists who play with the boundaries of film as an art form. Artists who start a campaign through CineCrowd have a chance to receive a contribution by the Mondriaan Fund, which is 20% of the campaign’s target amount (with a maximum of € 2,000).

Anne Houwing, director of CineCrowd: “I am very happy that we can add the Mondriaan Fund to the ever-increasing list of funds that encourage filmmakers to crowdfund. Thanks to our collaboration with the Mondriaan Fund, artists who do not identify with the norm can find support through crowdfunding. I see the collaboration with this government fund as an important recognition of the importance of crowdfunding and the work of CineCrowd.”

Criteria and Procedure
To be eligible for the grant, visual artists must start a crowdfunding campaign via CineCrowd. CineCrowd then submits nominated projects to the Mondriaan Fund, after which a consultant from the Mondriaan Fund will assess whether a project fits the criteria. Please note that this grant is conditional; the contribution will only be paid if the filmmaker succeeds in collecting the rest of their campaign’s target amount through the public. Interested to learn more? Please contact Jeltje.

Mondriaan Fund 
The Mondriaan Fund is the public fund for visual art and cultural heritage in the Netherlands. It enables plans, projects and programmes of artists, exhibition makers and critics, museums and other art and heritage institutions, and publishers and clients.