Worn out
A Short film by Matthijs Mazereeuw
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Project Information

About the project
LOCKLINE'Worn out' is a short film about how Robin grows up and mentally survives in a household where the ghost of chaos is constantly haunting.

Short synopsis

The film starts with nine-year-old Robin who witnesses an argument between his parents. His mother, in her nightclothes, with a bottle of wine in her hand, is screaming at his father. He has to pull his mother away just to be able to sleep.
When Robin is sixteen he is walking home with his friends, laughing. He seems happy until they arrive at his house. He immediately notices signs of tension, so he makes up an excuse so that his friends don't see the situation at home. In the following scenes it becomes increasingly clear how the situation at his home escalates in the years that follow. Despite this, Robin tries to lead a normal life and enjoy his youth, friends and crushes. But is Robin  able to muster the strength not to embark on the same destructive path as his parents?


The motivation for this film comes from the personal experiences of the screenwriter and director, both 22 years old and students of film and literature studies. Daan de Jonge wrote a screenplay about his messy and unsafe childhood. His story struck a chord with director Matthijs Mazereeuw because he grew up in a similar situation. These shared experiences and their passion for film led to the desire to make this screenplay into a film. The intention is to make a film that makes the great impact of growing up in a dysfunctional family artistically visible and tangible without forcing opinions. The main goal is to project the emotions they went through towards the audience. 

Why a campaign?

The story of the main character Robin symbolizes the story of many children and teenagers. The 'Moe' team aims to film this important story, artistically and technically, in a professional manner. In addition, this project offers many young people (cast, makers, crew, etc.) an opportunity to develop further in the film profession. Funding is needed to achieve this goal. Thanks in part to donations obtained through this campaign, we hope to be able to start filming in February.

The money is used for expenses such as gear, travel expenses, food, art department, costumes, film festivals and more.

Quote that inspired the maker

When I was young. As young as you.... Everything was so wonderfully good. So clear.
Emma (moeder van Robin)