MISS DJ | Nafthaly Ramona

MISS DJ | Nafthaly Ramona
A Documentary by Charlotte van de Kant en Manon Munnix
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About the project
LOCKLINEA documentary about the female dj Nafthaly Ramona. See from her point of view what it's like to work as a female dj in a male dominated scene.


MISS DJ is a documentary about the female DJ Nafthaly Ramona. We will show you what it's like to work as a female DJ in a 'men's world'from her point of view. Nafthaly is a passionate female DJ for a few years now, who is doing very well in the DJ scene. For example, right now she is taking Spanish lessons, because she wants to captivate South America with her music. We're going to capture her road to success in this documentary and hope to create more attention for female DJs. What is it like for her to be a DJ? What does she do to reach the top?


According to the NOS, less than 10 procent of the DJs who performed there where female DJs. We started to think about the number of female DJs that we could name, we couldn’t even reach five. We thought that was peculiar, because we are able to name a lot of male dj's. We became curious about the reason behind this and we therefore think that this subject is very underexposed. Because of this, we fell it's necessary to demand more attention through this documentary.

With this documentary we want to show the world what it's like for a woman to work in this male-dominated scene. Is it harder to get to the top? Do women have to work harder than man to reach the top? And what about bookings and payments? We discuss this with Nafthaly but also with Romina and Mariah, her management. We are also discussing this topic with Johnny 500 and Deejay Abstract, both successful male DJs. What do they thinks about this subject and how do they feel about it, where do they see differences? How do they see Nafthaly?


We can use your help to tell this story to the world! We produce, direct, film and edit the documentary ourselves, but to make it a succes, we engage professionals who ensure that the colors are matched nicely and the sound is nicely aligned. We would also like to send the documentary to various film festivals and we incur costs in the Netherlands by following Nafthaly from performance to performance! 

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Quote that inspired the maker

'My hope is for more women to enter the dj scene, because of the positive effect on the natural competition. Everyone will start working harder, so the true female DJ will be able to distinguish herself.'
Romina Luciana (manager)