Making Mannequins

Making Mannequins
A Documentary by Tom de Vos & Eva Hageraats
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LOCKLINEA documentary about former model Alina Petrichenko. She escaped Ukraine and saw a 'glamorous' world. A world that would slowly destroy her.
'Making Mannequins' tells the story of Alina Petrichenko. For years she was a good working model. She flew around the world, came into contact with great designers, earned bins with money, even got a place to stay in New York and was very happy.
At least that's what the people thought from the outside about her 'luxury life'.
The reality, however, did not match. The modeling made her insecure, gave a negative self-image and even revealed an eating disorder. For the introvert girl who originally lived on the Crimean peninsula, the cultural change insane, but she felt in love with New York. So much that she decided that she wanted to stay there. 

She has exchanged walking on a catwalk for two minimum-wage jobs.
The 23-year-old has fallen in love with the city of New York through her modeling work and does not see herself returning to her birthplace that has been under the authority of the Russians since 2014. There is only one problem, and that is that her work visa is no longer valid. She is forced to request political asylum in America. Her future is uncertain and there is a lot at stake. 


We traveled to New York in October to meet Alina. For ten days we followed, interviewed and got to know her.

In recent months, the national media has of course caused a lot of fuss about the modeling industry. For example, many (former) models came out publicly about sexual abuse and photographers were accused of slightly too spicy photo shoots. That much goes wrong in this sector, that is clear. Yet much more is still playing under the visible surface.
Thanks to the open story of Alina, we can get closer than our predecessors (journalists and filmmakers), and show this on the basis of this documentary.


Together we have already invested a lot of our own hard earned pennies in this documentary. Something we do with love because we believe in this production, but only the two of us simply can not save it.

So we really need the help of you.
We have already done the filming in New York, but there is so much more that we have to do. We are talking to an animator who will create fantastically animated scenes for us, we will work with a composer, we will cover the costs of an editor and we will have to adjust the color correction of the visual material. And all this done by professionals ...

We know as outsiders what modeling can do with the appearance, but that a model also has an inner side is not looked at. In this documentary we focus on this important but forgotten part.

Even with a small donation you could help us a lot.
At the end of January, our production will premiere at the Campusdoc Festival at the Louis Hartlooper Complex in Utrecht. If we can get the outstanding amount!

Quote that inspired the maker

'I have a little sister and I love her so much. I do not want her to feel as insecure about herself as I once felt years ago.'
Alina Petrichenko
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