Lost In Identity

Lost In Identity
A Documentary by Wisse Overbeek en Femke Goudberg
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LOCKLINETwenty years old and struggling with your truly you. A search to the true identity of the from Russia adopted Dima. Beter known as drag queen Bo.


Adopted from Russia. Homosexual. And drag queen. A lot Dima has been carrying around. During his youth he experienced many problems because of his homosexuality. Also his adoption gave Dima many questions to be answered. These problems had a great impact on his life and a huge impact on who he is nowadays.

"I am not looking for the complete puzzle, but pieces of it." 

Now that he opened up his drag queen personality 'Bo Glorious' to the world, he wants to give shape to his own identity even more. A search for his roots in Russia ánd identity will help him answering the question: ‘Who am I?’.


With this documentary, we want to create more awareness and openness for people like Dima. Not quitly knowing who you are, and not having an average childhood because of who you are. Experiencing trouble after your coming out and not being accepted by everyone. We want to show people the impact it can have on the development of someone’s identity. How important it is to be yourself and how important it is to be allowed to be yourself.

Every now and then everybody might wonder who they really are, or how your live would have been if you were someone else. Some might even struggle with their own identity and don’t know how to give shape to their own identity within society nowadays. Describing your own identity isn’t an easy task, although this is at the basis of your existence. This documentary is going to take you on a journey through Dima’s mind. You will get the experience of what it is like to finally be yourself. Watching this documentary will raise a couple of questions. Because when you look deep down inside of you: are you the person you want to be?


We are at the beginning of our careers as documentary film makers and do not have a large budget for this documentary. However, for this documentary a lot of equipment is needed, such as recording equipment, an animator, and a music composer. And most importantly, Dima needs financial support in his quest for his roots in Russia. That is why we could use your support and you could become a part of this documentary.

Every little bit helps and we are pleased and delighted with every donation!

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The corona crisis has huge impact on our daily lives and also has consequences for our documentary. The original plan was to have the premiere of this documentary in June this year. Due to the corona virus we have got some delay filming for our documentary. We hope to be filming again this summer until September. In the meantime we mainly focus on the preparations for the film!

The PREMIERE will take place in NOVEMBER!

We are looking forward to this adventure, but staying healthy and safe is now everyone’s responsibility. Together we will fight corona pandemic first.

Quote that inspired the maker

I have always lived in my own shadow and I don't want that anymore. Nobody should.
Dima Neyens
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