A Documentary by Annefleur van Wanroij & Zoë van Alphen
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LOCKLINELili is 24 years old and about to move out. Not very unusual, you would say, only that Lili has Down syndrome. How do Lili and her mum prepare?

When did you leave your childhood home to live on your own? It is not obvious for everyone to start living on their own as soon as they start working or studying. Take Lili for example, 24-years old, works five days a week and always cheerful. Nevertheless, the plans for her to start living independently are a much bigger challenge for her than many others, because she has Down syndrome. Her mother Marlies takes care of her and helps when needed, but this will change in the near future. Also, they will not be together all the time, like they are now. How do mother and daughter prepare themselves for the future? 

In the documentary Lili, we (documentary makers Annefleur and Zoë) will be following Lili and Marlies while they prepare themselves for Lili's independent live. An intimate documentary about letting go and independence. 

To tell this story, we need money. Part of the overall production cost will be put forward by ourselves. For example renting all the equipment to shoot this documentary will be covered by us. However, that does not get us quite there yet. Your money is of importance for covering costs of sound engineering, the music score development, fees for film festivals etcetera. 

By donating you are helping us to tell the real life story of people living with Down syndrome and getting it on to the big screen. A nuance is very needed in the current representation of Down syndrome. 

The documentary will be first shown at CampusDoc International Filmfestival on the 16 & 17 of June, in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Hopefully we'll see you there!

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Quote that inspired the maker

"I just have a little bit of Down syndrome"
This project was successfully funded on 27-04-2018

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