The Last Publican

The Last Publican
A Feature film by James Ward Breen
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LOCKLINEWriter/Director James Ward Breen is making this film as a celebration of the 'local' pub or bar, and as a personal tribute to his father.

The reckless son of a well respected publican grows up, intoxicated by the lifestyle of gritty locals, gambling and drugs until he is faced with losing the pub, its perks and his family.

Based on a true story, The Last Publican is a rough and tumble coming of age film where families are made through blood, sweat and beers. It is a celebration of the 'local' pub or bar, (let's face it, everyone has a local!) set at a time when pubs were the centre of the Australian way of life.

Writer/Director James Ward Breen is making this film to honour the laughs, adventures and tears at his 'local' and as a personal tribute to his father (a great publican!), who was lost to cancer.

The script is well on its way, having been developed at the Binger Filmlab with development support from Screen NSW. Now we are faced with preparing a film package to get producing partners so we can get the film financed. Doing actor readings, getting the budget, casting, sample scenes and getting to the international markets all cost money and so we decided to crowdfund this part of the film's development, as we know that lots of people would like to celebrate the glory days of pub culture, and by being a part of the process of making this film helps you to participate in the celebration!

We've got some great rewards, but what we really want is a lot of people to give even a little bit, as it more powerfully shows to investors there is an audience who really wants to see this film. Giving us five bucks (or one schooner of beer) tells everyone that you want really want to see this unique Australian film. Think about it, how many movies are out there that give you an insider's look at pubs?

You can also join us at and follow us on twitter @TheLastPublican to continue the journey with us in making this film come to life!

Cheers mate!

Russell drinks beer at the local...

Here's a couple of stills from the real pub inspiring the film to be made that will feature in the coffee table book, taken by James!

Go on!!!

C'arn! Go on will ya!

Quote that inspired the maker

It's where families are made through blood, sweat and beers!
James Ward Breen
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