La Lutte, sneeuw en zand

La Lutte, snow and sand
A Documentary by Marlijn Franken
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About the project
LOCKLINEDocumentary roadmovie to Dakar. About a wrestler, an organizer and a filmer in Senegal's culture drenched with voodoo rituals.

This documentary roadmovie is about the wish of John, a wrestler from the Norwegian national team to participate in La Lutte, traditional Senegalese wrestling. With the help of Amsterdam artist and filmmaker Marlijn and her partner Reinier John will jump into this amazing African adventure.

The wrestler, the filmer and the organizer; this film tells a story about the three of us. His wish, her film idea, his Afrika; will they realize their wishes? The filmmaker follows the developments from the very first beginning. It will be clear that we will end up in Dakar, but shall we succeed in getting John into the arena? To be continued.

But even the main ingredients are interesting: the ambitious sportsman, the entourage of a sport soaked with voodoo, our stay in the middle of dynamic Medina neighbourhood in the artists house of 'our sister' Koura, the differences of culture which we will have to conquer...

This is going to be an adventure, a curious quest of these 3 people within a completely different culture. So it won't be a typical sport film. Idea is that it will be attractive for anyone interested in interhuman exchange, in other cultures, in the meaning of voodoo in dayly Senegalese life and of course the fascinating event which is La Lutte, which goes on for hours and hours and which contains apart from the sport a lot of "theatre", music and rituals.

Marlijn and Reinier stayed 2x / 3x in Dakar during a month for art presentations in a rented little house in a working class neighbourhood or an african artist hostel in the Medina. They feel at home in Dakar, they speak the language and have useful contacts there. Suddenly a Norwegian wrestler calls with this completely weird plan of his. He comes to Amsterdam, there is a 'click'. But...he does not speak a word French and has no idea how to realize his wish. But we do! So we decide to work together, to collaborate!

In 2009 Marlijn was captivated by La Lutte and the whole 'circus' coming with it; the beautiful warriors with their protecting voodoo things, the superenthousiastic crowd of fans. Fascinating and, yes a bit scary. She made a YouTube video in the arena at the end of our street in the Medina. Now we look back at amateur footage. This is our chance to register the whole event from within at a much higher level. 

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Without your support we can't make this movie. We need money for travel- and stay expenses, local transport, use of equipment, participation at a wrestling school, license to compete in an arena, etc. We ask support in the Netherlands as well as in Norway through Cinecrowd. Also we contacted Fighter, the Norwegian producer of John's  sport tight for support. If we will receive more than our target amount we will gratefully use it to further professionalise the movie. Think of sound mixing, color grading etc.




Quote that inspired the maker

This will be the craziest thing I ever did!
John Harald Foss Fjeldbu
This project was successfully funded on 12-04-2014

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