Tipping Point
An Animation by Bart de Piraat
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LOCKLINEA world that is literally thrown off balance

Tipping point tells the story of Sustania, a world that is, in a sense, literally thrown off balance when its inhabitants start exploiting a previously inaccessible part of their world.

To restore the original balance before it is too late, the people of Sustania must act. If they do not, they will have no choice but to brave the chaos that follows. To make matters worse, not one of them seems to realise what consequences their actions are having.

Using the simple narrative and imagery of Tipping Point, I want to show what happens when a world is thrown off balance past the point of no return. The world we live on has become unbalanced on several levels, and with this film I want to ask the following question: where are we now, compared to the world of Tipping Point. Are we still able to tip the scales in our favour, or are we doomed to deal with the chaos that could follow?

Can you help me make this film?
Your generous donation could help me produce this film. I have already been awarded a sizable sum by Go Short International Short Film Festival and Omroep Gelderland as one of the winners of Gelderland Film Pitch. With this crowdfunding campaign I want to raise enough money to cover the remainder of the costs.

I am offering a whole range of rewards as a token of my appreciation. And maybe even better: some rewards even enable you to give something back to our planet! Let me know if you have another suggestion, I am open to anything!!

Thank you!
I am really excited to start making this film, and I am hoping that you want to become part of the group of supporters that will make Tipping Point happen.

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Quote that inspired the maker

A disturbed balance results in chaos out of which eventually a new balance will form.
Bart de Piraat zijn vriendin
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