Kóko. The Portrait of Oleh Kowerko

Kóko. The Portrait of Oleh Kowerko
Een Documentaire van Oleksandr Fraze-Frazenko
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LOCKLINEAn art house documentary film about a day in life of a poet who decides to revisit his poetry that has been written in the late 1960s.

Oleh Kowerko is a Ukrainian American poet and a member of the New York Group of Poets. In 1971 became one of the founders of the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (UIMA) in Chicago alongside artists Konstantin Milonadis and Mychajlo Urban.

Now Kowerko the poet - incredibly quiet, his image resembles the image of Franz Kafka, who used to work as a clerk day to day and his staff had never even known that there is an artist among them …

After researching the New York Group of Poets and finding out more about its members, we became interested in rediscovering Mr. Kowerko's poetry and bring it to the wider audience. Uncover this modest but nonetheless another valuable gem of Ukrainian modernistic poetry.

Kóko - is an art house documentary film about a day in life of Oleh Kowerko who works at UIMA and decides to revisit his poetry that has been written in the late 1960s.

The film will be accompanied by a book of a complete poetry collection (including two of Mr. Kowerko’s published poetry collections “Sketches over Distance”, 1966 and “Escape”, 1969 and one that was never published before) in Ukrainian and English. 

Kóko is part of the Poets Series - a collection of documentary films by a Ukrainian film director Oleksandr Fraze-Frazenko who is best known for his feature documentary films about Ukrainian poets, including the renown

“An Aquarium in the Sea. The Story of the New York Group of Poets”, 2016 (official trailer here) a full length documentary about a poetry group that was formed in NYC in the late 1950s by the Ukrainian emigre poets and artists. This documentary was also accompanied by a book of the complete script and poetry from the film (book link here),

"The House on Seven Winds. The Portrait of Vasyl Makhno", 2015 (official trailer here) an art house documentary about a Ukrainian poet Vasyl Makhno who now works and lives in NYC; also included a book with the complete script and poetry (book link here),

and "Chubai", 2014 (official trailer here).

Oleksandr's style straddles documentary and art house, and his special manner of editing dynamically absorbs the viewer's attention, resulting in truly unforgettable films.

We would like to encourage everyone who loves and appreciates independent films and poetry all over the world to contribute to this project. Any contribution big or small will greatly help us to complete this film and produce all the delightful goodies for you.

Your contributions will help us

  • bring the director to the US so he can continue filming, then editing and start with the post-production process;
  • translate and edit the tranlations of the poetry;
    publish the complete poetry collection;
    help us to rent a theatre for the screening of the film in NYC.



Quote die de filmmaker inspireerde

Poetry makes me happy. For a moment... It makes me eternal... Also for a moment...
Bohdan Boychuk
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