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LOCKLINEA documentary about the brilliant and roaming artist, Justus Donker.

Justus is a documentary about Justus Donker, a roaming artist who in his heyday was a sucess in both the Netherlands and New York.
He slowly falls in decay through setbacks and nowadays he can only just get by with what he earns on his works of art, on which he continues working inexorably.
This film is about resilience or the lack of it. About hope, dreams and fleeing from reality.
In the 90s Justus Donker conquered art galleries in the Netherlands and New York, together with the notorious artists group  "After Nature", founded by Peter Klashorst and Jurriaan van Hall.
Justus also formed a trinity together with his two brothers Aad and Gijs, on a personal level and also in their work. Whether he paints individually or in collaboration, his work always appeals to a large group of spectators. When his favourite brother Aad, unexpectedly commits suicide due to psychosis in 1998, Justus and his special talents seem to fall into decay slowly but surely.
However Justus keeps hope, supported by his girlfriend and daughter.
Director Frank de Rooij: "Justus is a symbol of freedom to me. An artist who fled the post-modern society and economic crisis by not caring about it and leading his own life. I think it's fascinating that he always
remains himself and feels no shame about anything.
His paintings are brilliant, but above all he is a very good and loving man. Love is a great theme in his life and work. "

Quote that inspired the maker

"Justus is a symbol of freedom to me".
Uitspraak: Jacob Kanbier (Kunstenaar)
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