Jordy in Transitland

Jordy in Transitland
A Documentary by Willem Timmers
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LOCKLINEIn the imaginative world of Jordy we search for the possibilities and limitations of the malleability of the female body.

“When I was 15, I decided to go to a make-up store. On my own. I booked an hour’s worth of treatment, and paid for it with my last savings. I set myself one goal. If I truly liked myself better with this make-up, it would be a confirmation. If not, I would never do such a thing again. It felt as if that day would influence my entire life.” - Jordy 




Jordy longs to become a complete woman. The way she describes her future physical appearance with precise details is remarkable. But she’s well aware that the wait for hormone therapy and surgery hinders her current transition process.

What does it actually mean to be a woman? And what’s femininity? For Jordy this is crystal clear: it’s only when one has the physical characteristics of a woman that one can call herself a true woman. Jordy is already a woman in heart, soul and her fantasies. But she’s also on the brink of her physical transition. She finds herself in Transitland – a land she wishes to escape as quickly as she can. Especially now that she does not fit in this dichotomy of our society of man versus woman, it strengthens her yearning for something that she does not yet possess.

Through the semi-animated documentary Jordy in Transitland we enter Jordy’s fantasy world. We embark on a quest to womanliness, in seach of the possibilities and limitations of the malleability of the female body. Jordy’s stories introduce a dream world, a world in which desire, impatience and perseverance take center stage. Interviews that look back on tiresome psychological and medical processes are blended with intricate visualizations portraying Jordy’s personal fairy tale. During the film, fantasy slowly takes over reality while we’re following Jordy from her bedroom, through pink woods, into the operating theater where her female self will ultimately prevail. 




Like Jordy, who finds herself caught in society’s gender divide, Jordy in Transitland has a hybrid approach; meandering between the realms of documentary, animation and fantasy filmmaking and thus blending fiction with non-fiction. Against the backdrop of Jordy’s diary readings, in which she reflects upon her transition in audio, the illusory visuals capture the whimsical nature of her fairy tale that’s about to unfold. As Alice’s Wonderland, Jordy’s Transitland promises a (sur)realistic journey into fantasy and reality. 




Making films is a costly business, especially when animations are involved. We therefore ask you to support this campaign with a donation. Every contribution is a step closer to realizing this film and of course we do our best to reward generously for it.

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The distribution of this documentary is in the bag. Figuratively speaking, that is. VPRO Dorst strives to broadcast the film on national television. Distributor Some Shorts and production company Copper Views reach out to (inter)national film festivals. The film will also be available online. Moreover, big chance that Jordy in Transitland premieres at the Nederlands Film Festival – how cool would it be to see your (company) name roll down the closing credits there?




One of the many sources of inspiration for this film is Richard Mosse’s photography. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mosse’s infrared photographs captured the greenery as pink surfaces adding a dreamy sense of mystery to conflicts. With a single, seemingly simple technique Mosse transforms a world full of pain and suffering into an almost magical atmosphere of joy and peace, creating new perspectives of reality. 


Dit project wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door het VSB fonds.


Quote that inspired the maker

Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It's a way of understanding it.
Lloyd Alexander
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