Janice Holmes

Janice Holmes
A Feature film by Paulus Keijser
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LOCKLINEA young manipulative detective becomes embroiled in some bizarre murder cases as she tries to escape the daily grind.

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We are Paulus Keijser (17, right, director) and Joeri Jansen (20, left, production). Two young filmmakers. Very different, but with a huge passion for filmmaking. It is our dream to be able to say in the future that we have been an innovative element in the film industry. After we had finished our training film, We felt that we could do better. That's why we decided to join our forces and make a movie. Both of us are fearful Sherlock Holmes fans so we thought: ‘’let's make a spin-off of Sherlock Holmes’’. Janice Holmes was a fact!

This small project has become increasingly larger. It started with a small movie that we wanted to put on youtube, but now it is so big that even Ziggo sponsors. The plan is to first make this pilot. If this pilot strikes we have the opportunity to be able to make an entire season!


The story

Janice Holmes is about the 20 years old sociopathic Janice Holmes. She’s unable to lead a normal life. Janice has been sent by her mother in London to her aunt in Amsterdam. Here she meets a medical student: Jack Watson. To break the monotony, they assume the role of a detective. Because of her good analytical skills she is able to find out every little detail. They solve small and boring crime cases. Until there is a series of strange murders that are associated with a stolen painting in Amsterdam. Janice and Jack plunge into the deep underworld and the painting appears to have a dark secret.

'' Janice Holmes will amaze you, it will be innovative, it will be refreshing. Because we are dealing with a new generation, a new detective, a new city. The story of Janice Holmes, the girl that is the product of two very intelligent people (Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler). Janice will achieve her goals whatever it takes. She will solve the mystery of the painting, to stop the evil intentions of a malicious cult.’’



Janice Holmes is very symbolic to us. It is the new generation of detective created by the new generation of filmmakers. With Janice Holmes we want to change the film industry

In camera we look for very dynamic atmosphere in which we create a virtual "dance" between the camera, the relationships and situations of the characters. How will the story be told? Which emotion do the characters express?

It is up to us to make Janice Holmes be a work of art. Something that will surprise people, something they will not expect, something they want to see more of. It is up to us to make sure that Janice Holmes is a bigger picture.


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