It's a wrap !!!

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After a few intense weeks of preparation, studio Het Schram in Amsterdam Noord offered us the opportunity to shoot the music video for 3 days, this weekend.

It's been very challenging to shoot it within budget, but we did it !

Everybody was extremely motivated by the storyline. Big thumb up to the Art team and the Camera/Light/Grip team who really brought their ideas into it, but also their experience and time to give a whole new dimension to this music video.

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU, DONATORS, who made that shooting possible. Whether you gave 5 euros (that paid the bread on the filmset) or 200 euros (that paid some of the costumes), you trusted this production and our capacity to build up the perfect team able to deliver a fantastic music video for Geck-o.

Now we are entering the post-production process: edit, SFX, color grading.
We'll keep you posted.



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