It's Nice in Here

It's Nice in Here
An Animation by Robert-Jonathan Koeyers
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LOCKLINEOne story. Two truths. Which side are you on?


When Trayvon Martin was brutally murdered by a neighbourhood watch, I could feel the world collectively mourn. The feeling of powerlessness and injustice hung in the air and was painfully palpable and I, just like many others, had difficulties grasping what was happening as we were carefully watching it all unfold on our television screens. In the back of my mind I was thinking that his story could have easily been mine. 

I remembered exactly what his lifeless body looked like, and that of Philando Castile, and that of George Floyd. These images have been etched onto my brain, and I walk with them every single day. But I find myself looking at these bodies not as bodies, but as people every time. Who were they? What were they passionate about? What did they want to become when they were younger?

With It's Nice in Here, we set out to explore these questions.


It’s Nice in Here is a short animated film that paints a fragmented portrait of a young boy called Crimson, named after the color of the hoodie he always wears. We follow him and his best friend, Imani, as they make their way to a convenience store. When a young police officer, named David, gets a call regarding a possibly dangerous altercation, he rushes to the convenience store and enters the place with his gun already drawn. They now find themselves in a situation that we've seen countless times.

The plot is a deliberately simple one, but the way the story is told and structured is where we start discovering the nuances and complexity of the situation. Everything we see is told and processed through the tainted and entirely subjective points of view of Crimson's best friend, Imani, as well as that of David, the police officer. Their memories contradict each other, they intersect at points, and at others completely take a life of their own. Which of these stories are we more likely to believe?
Animation is a great tool to play with subjectivity and dive deeper into how characters see the world around them. Stylistically this offers us a lot of room to experiment; the characters literally thinking things into existence, colors of certain objects suddenly changing, background elements overlapping or flickering as the narrators’ memories start to waver. These will be constant reminders that we’re not looking at an objective truth, but are instead swimming in uncertainty and a carefully curated reality.

Why we need your help

Although we've already gotten a great head start from the Netherlands Film Fund, we still need a little bit more help with the cleaning, coloring, and remaining finishing touches. Your donation would go directly into these final stages of the production and would mean that we can expand our team of clean-up artists, invest more resources in the music and sound-design of the film, and we would be able to complete It's Nice in Here in the way we've envisioned. 

So, if you're able to donate, please consider supporting this project. Your help would give us that final push and help us deliver the film to you that much quicker.


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I don't know where to start. I can't find the beginning.