Een Animatie van Boglárka Ászity
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LOCKLINEIsak, the forester lives away from the noisy city hiding from the people but a phone call makes him face his fears.


Isak is a short animated hand drawn film, with a heartwarming story in an individual world. 


Isak, the forester dwells alone in the woods far away from the city. Because of his phobia of crowded placecs he even avoids lumberjacks who come near him once a month. He spends his days taking care of the forest. His only connection to the outside world is a mountainside phone booth, where he goes every week to report on the chores he has finished. The grumpy dispatcher on the other end of the line never fails to say some hurtful words to Isak. One day however he is surprised by the gentle voice of a kind woman in the phone.

Isak is shocked by this new turn of events, so conversation starts in a somewhat rocky manner. Isak helps the woman, Elna in getting used to her job as a dispatcher. Slowly they develop a liking towards each other and start sharing more and more things during these calls. Although Isak never realizes he is falling in love, he starts contemplating moving to the city to meet Elna, which makes him very tense.

One day as they start another phone call, the line is abruptly broken. Isak desperately seeks to fix the problem but he cannot get the phone to work. He has to decide: if he stays, he will never talk to the women anymore. Isak has to face his fears and search the woman in the crowded city.



In my works I am always focused on the environment, and the connection between the environment and the main character. I chose this northern forest scene, because it is works the same way like Isak: calm, tough, and can hide secrets.

This animation is about how I learned to let somebody close to myself, and  forget my doubts. So my leading idea is that, sometimes we have to be  brave to leave our safe "forest" behind, confess our feelings and take action.



Isak is a 10 minutes long 2D animation, making with all our heart. Unfortunately animation takes lots of time and needs a lots of people to make. This project has already started, but our little crew needs your support to finish it! The money will be spent on animation, music, sound design and post production.

 If now you run out of money, sharing is also a big help for us. The more people know about it, the better our chances to get the project founded!





Quote die de filmmaker inspireerde

"Well, luckily with animation, fantasy is your friend."