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ISA the documentary
A Documentary by Tess Berendregt & Nienke Reimes
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LOCKLINEA documentary about a young girl's dream of becoming a professional football player. How does top sport affect her life and the lives of her family?

ISA the documentary

We are following the daily life of Isa Colin (15). From a young age she is dreaming of becoming a professional football player. In 2018 she was scouted by the Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbalbond (KNVB) for the national girls team, age under 15. 


This year Isa is selected again by the KNVB, this time for the national girls team age under 16. Her life is all about football. A regular week for Isa means: training five times a week, playing a match on Saturday and participating in an indoor football competition. Besides all of this, she also tries to manage her classes at school. Planning her schoolwork is always a bit of a task for her. 

Her mother Edith is the driving force behind the family. Currently, she's in between jobs, which means she spends her time driving Isa around and making sure that Isa can fulfill her dream. She loves being a part of this opportunity, but it also comes with high expectations. "It takes a lot of free time. That's why you have a lot of expectations as a parent." 

Isa's passion for football is something she shares with her father, Philippe. Whenever he finds time besides his job, he ensures that he watches his daughter. As a former amateur football player, he has a strong vision on Isa's game. 

In the Colin family, where everything is about football, sister Sanne is doing her own thing. Every now and then, she struggles with always having to listen to the same topic. 


As a daughter of a trainer who trained Isa when she was a little girl, Tess was impressed by the fact that Isa maintained to be the only girl in a boys team. Nienke finds it interesting how Isa can keep her focus while being a teenager. Also, we're curious about the role of the parents behind the child. Female football is becoming more and more a topic. With this documentary we want to contribute in being a part of the rise of women's soccer. 


Unfortunatly, as young documentary makers we don't have a big budget. Things like an editor, colorcorrection, sounddesign and audio post-production cost a lot of money. Your donation can help us creating ISA the documentary. 


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Quote that inspired the maker

"Do you know how many people want this? So I shouldn't complain..."
Isa Colin
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