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LOCKLINEImagine you see absolutely everything through a screen, you've never seen the face of your lover and you never looked at your own eyes in the mirror



Do you also think about the effects of interfaces, selfies and surveillance on society? And do you like the way that this was depicted in the trailer? Then I hope you are also curious to see this film finished. We can only film the last scenes and add the visual effects and the sound with you help! With your help the layers that are necessary to complete the movie can be added!

If you cannot donate yourself but like the project, then it also really helps if you send the link of this website to people in your network, who you think could help with a donation. Share it on Facebook and show your friends the teaser!

When the target of this campaign is reached, Dutch broadcaster VPRO Dorst will also invest in this film. So every donation counts double!


INTERFACE is selected for ‘De Ontmoeting’, an initiative of VERS and Cinecrowd, that gives unconventional storytellers a chance within the Dutch film world. If this campaign is succesful and INTERFACE can be realized, it will immediately have a good platform: The film will pre-premiere at VERS, along with the four other films made within ‘De Ontmoeting’. It also has a chance to participate in the Dutch Film Festival. Distributor Some Shorts supports the international festival distribution. Afterwards VPRO Dorst aims to broadcast the film on Dutch national TV and it will eventually be available on online channels.


The future doesn’t look much different from today in INTERFACE, but every face is locked behind a reflective mask; a one-way mirror that allows you to look out, but no one can look in to see your face. If you look at each other, you drown in an infinite empty reflection of a reflection. Nobody has ever seen a face and cameras have replaced the human eye.

A young man becomes so alienated from his body that he tries to break his mask. When it turns out to be indestructible, he runs from the city and from society, afraid of the cameras that have recorded his destructive act and that are always following him.

He ends up in deserted forests. When he wakes up at night, the layering of his perception becomes more and more confusing. The images that are projected on the inside of his mask, the screen of his phone, his eyes, which layer can he trust? The outside world, virtual reality and his fantasy mix up completely.

Eventually it turns out that even in these abandoned forests he’s still being tracked by cameras. Will he be able to escape from the mask, from virtual reality and from the sight of the cameras..?


Last year I designed a mask from Plexiglas and reflective foil through which you can look out, but that reflects any external gaze. That summer I travelled to Poland, to Europe's last primordial forests. There we filmed the first scenes of the film. This material is already shot. But there are still scenes missing that need to be shot in the city. Another important missing part is the visual effects, 3D animation and sound effects. They are essential to make the experience inside the mask truly convincing.


I want to make a film about how it affects us and our senses if we see everything through cameras and screens? What do we feel if the desire to kiss someone can never become reality?

Like many people, I think about what it means to perceive the world through a screen so often. Where does the screen - or interface – through which we perceive the world start and where does it stop? Does this stop with our phone? With cameras recording and tracking movements? Or with chips in our brains that will enable augmented reality? Is our retina not also already a screen, an interface that filters what we see? The mask is a symbol for the merging of our senses with technology. In 'Interface' I want to break up different layers of perception and re-fit together, so they cannot be separated from one another so easily anymore.

The film shows a chilling enlargement of the effects of technology on our society. From the perspective of the protagonist, the viewer is confronted with the complex effects that screens, social media and surveillance have on our body and our identity. On the one hand technology gives us access to information on a scale that we could not imagine before. It allows us to express ourselves and to capture things that were previously only possible for professionals with expensive cameras. But this freedom has a price. Our dependence on it makes us vulnerable. As in the film, the power that registers our actions today is often invisible; hidden behind cameras and algorithms.



Dit project wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door het VSB fonds.

Quote that inspired the maker

there is no more in little, nor is there less, yet is uncertain what was there, what will be will be without will, first when it is is it in despair, it remembers relentless, and remains in thin air
Lucebert - De zeer oude zingt
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