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LOCKLINEThree close friends with an extremely difficult home environment decide to run away from home, not knowing all the dangers that come their way.


This project is a feature film, supported by both professionals in the film industry and volunteers who participate with full passion.


Inscius is about three young people who have to live in tough situations. Their situation at home is terrible and the three characters Elise, Chiara and Maarten all have to deal with their own serious problemss. Where Maarten has to take care of his lonely, drunken father after the death of his mother, Elise has to compete with a violent and aggressive stepfather who just won't leave her alone. Chiara's parents are very wealthy people who suffocate their daughter and don't give her the space or the confidence to make her own decisions. When tensions run too high for these three youngsters, they see no other way out than to flee from their homes, into the unpredictable world.


We based this story (partly) on true facts and think that a wide audience of young people can identify in one way or another with the youngsters from Inscius. Problems at home have many faces and we try to portray the consequences of this as well and as broadly as possible. This project arose during the full corona crisis where it is known that young people had to stay at home much more often and, among other things, these situations took place more often. We are convinced that this film is recognizable for young people who experience similar situations and that this film will appeal to today's young people because of the themes that are mentioned.

Quote that inspired the maker

“The older you get, the bigger the problems, right? It doesn't have to… Getting old way too fast, I mean. And go to work, get married, kids yuck... Let me run away forever. This is good."
This project was closed on 05-11-2021

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