Icehorse (IJspaard)

A Feature film by Elan Gamaker
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Johnny Mazzelaar has awoken again from a recurring dream in which he and two friends have slain a young woman and, instead of going to the police, have buried her body somewhere. Then he sees the same girl walking through the reeds of a wildlife sanctuary. Confused and shocked, he begins to follow her, unsure if she is a hallucination, a coincidence or a ghost. As Johnny gets closer to uncovering the events, he has a final confrontation with a mysterious figure who had been tracking the missing girl…


While on the set of Guido Van Driel’s De Wederopstanding van een Klootzak, I met up with actors Juliette van Ardenne and Juda Goslinga about an idea I had to do a Dutch film that was independently funded and fully improvised. As they are used to having to learn lines and do repeat takes, they were very keen, so we all set about creating characters for the actors. Once we had these, I created a structure around which we could construct a story for these characters, providing and withholding information from each character in order to create a true-to-life scenario. Then we went and shot the story based purely on character, even though no-one knew at the start how it would end up. We shot first in winter, and then in summer, and put the two stories together. This is the result… 


The world of cinema is changing. No longer are big budget films which take years to make the only way to get films made and seen. As a resident of the Netherlands, I wanted to make a film but felt I couldn’t write something about a culture that is foreign to me. So I set out to tell a Dutch story that was as true to contemporary Dutch life as possible. I chose to do this by getting trained and talented actors to create their own characters. This way, I could construct a fully improvised story by using these characters and creating obstructions and motivations for each of them. The result was a fascinating and exciting experiment. Everyone was out of their comfort zone but we were all acting from a place of truth, and we are all thrilled by the result…


 Our aim is to complete the film in time for submission to the 2014 Rotterdam Film Festival. Shooting took place in January and July 2013, and editing is planned for the coming weeks. After Rotterdam, we plan to have the film shown in international festivals with a view to onward distribution. 


The funding target is €10,000, with a campaign duration of 40 days. A skeleton crew worked unhindered with a carefully selected group of actors on this improvised film, which produced highly unusual situations, characters and dialogue. The result is a fascinating project that brings together the finest Dutch actors. The funding target of €10,000 is the minimum amount needed to complete the edit, and to help with marketing, distribution and festival attendance. 


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Quote that inspired the maker

'Sometimes there is balance in universe.'
Elan Gamaker - director
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