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Home Suite Home
A Short film by Jeroen Houben
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LOCKLINEA tragicomedy/dramady about the dreadful life of hotel inspector Ludwig, who has been sleeping in a different hotel every night for the past 30 years.

Nederlands Film Festival


Home Suite Home

Home Suite Home will be a short dramady about the dreadful life of hotel inspector Ludwig. The screenplay is written by director Jeroen Houben who will also direct the film. The film will be produced by Habbekrats.

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SynopsisLudwig is a hotel inspector who’s been traveling the world for 30 years, spending every night in a different hotel. The mini bar, the clean sheets, the room service; this is his home. But through the years Ludwig has become a sour person taking all this luxury for granted. One night in Paris, he accidentally runs into a female inspector, Stella. She takes him on an adventure that just might be the wake-up call his life’s been waiting for.

Home Suite Home


For most people, a hotel equals holiday. Sleeping late while somebody else changes your sheets. For businesspeople who travel a lot, it’s not a holiday but part of their daily lives. They travel a lot and are often away from home for a long while. For hotel inspectors it’s even worse because they’re constantly judging their own ‘home’. They never really call it a day.

"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation" reads Thoreau’s famous observation. Ludwig, our main character, is such a man. He lives his life on auto-pilot, and works all day so he doesn’t have to think about who he really is. All those trips and the anonimity that comes with them have enstranged Ludwig from the outside world. Then he meets Stella in whom he sees a companion who deals with the same lonely reality. But Ludwig also sees his old self reflected in her. Stella does her job with a sense of adventure. It turns Ludwig into a Don Juan who for once doesn’t behave as an inspector, but as a tourist far from home.

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Quote that inspired the maker

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.
Henry David Thoreau
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