Hip Hop Documentary in the Netherlands

Hip Hop Documentary in the Netherlands
A Documentary by Joshua Giovanni & Nelly Blaise
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About the project
LOCKLINECreating awareness about the Hip Hop community in Netherlands This documentary will serve the purpose of shedding light of the most influential artist

Concept of the Documentary 




The dynamics or that will surely be engaging. Imagine you are a fan of Hip Hop Artist or the culture and you get the opportunity to watch an enticing story about him / her rapping in Amsterdam. You get to see how hip hop got started in the Netherlands, as well the barriers That the artist faced during the start of the genre. You will get to see the rise of this new style of Hip Hop in the Netherlands and the diverse cultures That Contribute to this culture. 

After the introduction inquiring minds will be interested in who are the most impactful artist in the Netherlands? What do they do on a day to basis? Many questions ranging from How They started and as well the difference between Dutch and American rap.

This will kick of the documentary highlighting the different cities of the Netherlands and the clubs That  host these artists. The host of the show will interview members of the hip hop culture to share Their knowledge of where did Dutch rap come from? When did it get popular? Who is leading the movement right now, who is the Kanye or rap or even the Drake in the Netherlands.


About the Creator / Producer

Hello, my name is Nelly Blaise and I come from a tiny island in the Caribbean by the name of St. Maarten and I am Currently a student at the University of NHTV in the Netherlands. I am also Pursuing a career in the media by developing a variety of enticing videos at my University location. I use this media outlet to providence students and professionals alike with an opportunity to Discuss relevant topics and interests worldwide That directly affect today's generation. 

I am a very professional reporter with growing experience in the field and I am eager to showcase my talents by Creating a Documentary displaying the diverse talents of Hip Hop in the Netherlands.


Please help my dream come true. Anyone who wants to contact me can do so by email or on Facebook nellyblaise927@gmail.com- @ Nelly Blaise.


Quote that inspired the maker

You truly are as fine as wine, and so divine. You know I had to make you mine, no matter the time. So, I scaled that mountaintop to get that record dropped, just to see the clouds part, as your pretty lips did the same, hoping, one day, they’d utter my name.
Ezekiel 'Zeke' Figuero From the series Netflix Get Down
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