Great holiday season and a cinematic inspiring 2018!

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Dear Ambassadors, investors and sponsors of my short film ‘Kissinger, The Last hurrah’.

We did it! Last Thursday our crew and cast returned at Schiphol Airport from our film sets in Marseille, France.

It has been a fantastic ride! In this message I, and on behalf of the cast and crew, would like to show you our gratitude and thankfulness for making this project possible.

We have been working non-stop from the 6th  until the 13th of December in the most beautiful spots you can imagine. From Park the Calanque to Unesco-heritage Cité Radieuse and inside the family owned Hotel Le Corbusier. We have too many stories to tell and will do so in our making of book which will be printed in the upcoming year.

The performance and deliverance of Bo Tarenskeen and Jolanda van den Berg brought magic to our pressure cooker-sets and cinematic gold appeared I tell you, we captured it! I have to thank Bo and Jolanda for bearing with us through difficult time-management and tempo's, and bringing their absolute A-game.

Secondly the beauty applied by Marleen Holthuis has enriched our production. Her craft and perseverance is unbelievable and we owe her so much for taking on different roles at once. Thank you Marleen for helping on so many levels of our project!

For our cinematographer Jonas Sacks, who framed every shot and adapted every minute of our shoot, I owe a lot of gratitude. A better brother in arms I could not imagine. We kept fighting chasing daylights catching sunsets and never gave up on anything. Also a big thank you for Magriet Procee how dove into our characters custome designs and helped us shape the Kissingers. Thank you Margriet for the talks, inspiration and beautiful costumes.

I would like to thank Hans van Grootel, Dunja van der Marel, and Sebastiaan van Zuylen from Camalot for assisting, and providing us with the tools to work. Thank you for your trust in our ability to move towards the South of France and operate on a 6 day-shoot at a distance. Thank you Alex Booy, Huibert Boon and Jaim Sahuleka for solutions surrounding sound. First Shot, First Scene First day, roadworks precise in bend of our first location. We encountered everything: choppers, planes, bikes, drills, kitchen-hums. You will hear the story. The audience does not :)

This alinea I reserve and to bring up my partners in crime Éric Touchaleaume of Galerie 54 Paris and Elliot Touchaleaume of Friche de l’Escalette Marseille.

Parc de Sculpture et d’Architecture légère, who by opening their door to me on a thursday-morning in Paris at rue Mallet-Stevens and made my movie possible. Elliot, thank you for your time and assistance. I am very happy we took the Polo instead of the white shiny pick-up which we definitely would have crashed into the shore;). I would like to thank Benjamin Vincent from MAMO who kindly gave us the key for his upper-deck when odds where against it.

We raise our glasses to the kind and caring Dominique and Alban Gérardin, who with there family and staff gave us our production holding and location. We became residents of the spirit of le Corbusier. Thank you Dominique for providing the backdrop of the Kissingers and letting us play in your beautiful hotel.

Special thanks go out to, Martina Ho, special assistant of the European Chinese International Art and Culture Association, who gave me the general. Many more thanks to our Angel Investors who pushed the production past breaking point.

Before I close I would like to specially bring up Paul Mezier aka Paul from Paris, our first AD and executive producer in Paris, France. I had a 2 hour-meeting with Paul on 12th October on Rue Dupetit-Thouars, Paris, discussing our intentional setting in Paris. I am so happy he jumped on board with all logic against it. Paul was our engine, our nuclear core. Paul has navigated our production from 06:00 until 00:30 with no sleep till Brooklyn I tell you! Only 2 times I began to worry about him and that was only because he started singing. Paul you have the stamina and the creative drive, the humor and the clarity of mind. We will sure loose you to L.A. but hey, that’s where you belong man! Go Get Them, Godspeed!!

This brings me to the most important point. I have been blessed with absolute A-game professionals and participants who brought so much to the table that my job only became easier and easier. I am so full of energy to start the next phase of this project. We will keep you posted on the process.

By taking on this journey I gained a lot of moments which I will remember for the rest of my life, I hope to share them with you when we encounter in the new year. For now I wish you all a great holiday season and a cinematic inspiring 2018!

Hugo Naber

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