Goodbye Blue Sky

Goodbye Blue Sky
A Documentary by Peter Bosman
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LOCKLINEThe impact of contrails on the climate is bigger than you think. The good news is that we can do something about it. Is electric flying the future?

Contrails? Nothing to worry about... right?

It's only when you start to really pay attention that you discover the scope of the problem. Sometimes the only clouds you see are actually contrails (condensation trails) made by airplanes. That's not very surprising when you consider that 30,000 planes fly over Europe every day. 

Why don’t we notice this? Why doesn’t the weather forecast mention these contrails? Why does the Dutch meteorological institute, KNMI, stubbornly try to pass these clouds off as 'haze' and say 'we don't know anything about contrails'?

When we went hunting for answers, what we unearthed was even more worrisome than what we had feared. As it turns out, contrails result in a huge loss of solar energy, which has consequences for both solar farms and agriculture, both environmentally and economically. In Goodbye Blue Sky we visit test centres and discover just how much money can be lost due to a loss of sunlight. As the contrails and cirrus clouds block more sunlight, farmers’ crops suffer and grow more slowly. Our cheap flight tickets thus end up causing other things like our fruits and vegetables to be more expensive.

Documentarian Peter Bosman started to pay attention to these contrails when he moved to a house with a good view of the sky. He noticed that at least 7 planes can be seen at any time of the day, and, with them, their vapour trails. This means that even when it's allegedly 'sunny' out, it's still cloudy. Bosman was shocked by the results when he began investigating and knows that he'll never look at the sky in the same way again. In Goodbye Blue Sky he sets out to speak with scientists, artists, and those who are heavily impacted such as farmers and solar panel owners.


The main purpose of this documentary is to raise awareness, especially about its impact on agriculture and solar energy use. The problem is now so large that we no longer seem to see it, but with your help Goodbye Blue Sky can change that.

Dutch and International Version

The plan is to first make a Dutch version of the film, which, if all goes well, will be followed by an international version. This is why we need you – while the target amount is meant to cover the costs of the Dutch version, we strive for a surplus of donations so we can immediately bring the international version to life. The funds will go towards music rights, stock images, travel and accommodation (no, not by plane), animation, voice-over, editing, and filming.


Film has a fast impact and books last long, so we will make both. Those who worked on the film will also contribute to the book. It will contain the latest scientific insights and research. As a sincere thank you, individuals and organisations that make a major contribution to his project will be given some space to write in the book if they so wish.

Quote that inspired the maker

1% less light is 1% less growth of crops.
prof. dr. ing Leo Marcelis WUR
This project was closed on 23-10-2019

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