Generation 5

Generation 5
A Documentary by Pleun en Victor
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LOCKLINEA documentary about the teacher, mother and activist Myrte. She will fight 5G, regardless of the many setbacks.

What would you do, when people declare you as crazy, just because you believe in something different than they do? Myrte Amons struggles with this problem daily. Together with her team, she's fighting the battle against the 5G Network. But winning this battle however, isn't so easy. The media portrays them as '5G conspiracy theorists'. This is why people see them as 'crazy' and have this idea that their goal is to burn down transmission towers. Because of this, most things they say are not taken seriously. 

We believe the one-sided portrayal of the media has created a strong bias; every story has at least two sides. Despite the fact that as filmmakers we are neutral in this case, it is up to us to shed light on the other side. 

Myrte Amons (50)

In our documentary we want to show that most of the anti-5G-activists are not 'crazy' and  have no intentions of burning down the transmission towers. We want the documentary to enlighten the viewers about the battle Myrte is fighting, and even through all the setbacks, she still continues to fight for what she believes in. We want to show that Myrte will do anything to protect other people and their well being.

It's important to listen to each other, especially when there are disagreements. In any society there will always be differences in opinion, and that's what makes it beautiful. The moment we stop listening, trying to understand one another, imbalance in the society will inevitably be a consequence. This is why our goal is to change the way people look at anti-5G-activists. 

Quote that inspired the maker

"It feels like we're waking a sleeping giant"
Myrte Amons
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