Internal Flame
A Documentary by Bob Brinkman en Dionne Püttmann
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LOCKLINEA wound may healed up nicely, it still burns inside.

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“It’s been like two years, get over it,” and: “You healed so well, be glad!”, are just a few examples of comments people with burns get to deal with on a daily base. But what if you’re really traumatized and not getting over it, still imagining yourself catching fire?

In ‘INTERNAL FLAME’, we see how Erwin, Renske and Sandra deal with their scars, as they all experience it from a different phase in their period of grief and acceptance. They’ve all healed well, but that doesn’t change the traumatizing memories.

How do they keep their heads up? And how do their close relations deal with a post-traumatic loved one that often suffers from nightmares, panic attacks and flash backs?

In ‘INTERNAL FLAME’, we show you the world of burns, because it still burns inside.


As you may have noticed in the teaser, this documentary is rather based on the psychological footprint on a person’s life, and not so much on the physical marks. We mainly focus on showing what PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) does regarding to burnsurvivors. We do this because the victim’s direct relations often don’t realize how the victims process this trauma, or how long it takes.

Up to now there’s been done a lot of research about the physical side of burns, but not enough about what it does to a person’s life. With this documentary (which hopefully will be an eye-opener for everyone) we want to raise awareness.

campusdoc filmfestival

On june 18, INTERNAL FLAME will open at Utrecht, The Netherlands. The film will be shown at the CampusDoc FilmFestival.


Making this documentary is important, but it also costs a lot of money. We hope that participating on CineCrowd will help us to collect money to pay things like: camera's and hire professionals who will help us to give this movie the attention it deserves. 

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Quote that inspired the maker

I was constantly dealing with panic, flashbacks and the accident. And all the things I couldn't do anymore.
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