Former Employer

Former Employer
A Short film by Joris Nieboer
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LOCKLINEA hitman (Steve) seeks revenge on his former employer after he ordered a hit on Steve. Steve was getting a little bit to dangerous for his liking...

Hello we are Joris Nieboer and Niels Brouwers, we are the director and producer of the short film called "Former Employer".

The story:

A hitman (Steve) seeks revenge on his former employer after he ordered a hit on Steve. Because Steve was getting a little bit too dangerous for his liking...                You will see how Steve's first assignment as a hitman went down and you'll see the journey he has to make to get to his former employer.

The first and foremost thing you need to know about "Former Employer" is that it will be shot on super 16mm film. This is also the main reason that we're trying to raise funds for this film, but more on that later.

The idea to start making this film came from Joris, who really loves old neo noir crime thrillers. Our short film Is a cool straight forward and simpel story in an extremely stylized setting. Just like the old neo noir movies. It sounds promising, we know.

We're going to shoot the film in 4 days at the end of October 2017 in the north of the Netherlands. We chose the north of the Netherlands for it's beautiful locations and the practicality, because we're from that area.

The process of shooting on film is very different from shooting with a digital camera. When you're shooting on film you're limited to the amount of negative film stock your budget allows. You'll have to plan your scenes better and make every shot count! Another big difference between film and digital is that you can't just take the film out of your camera and put it onto a computer as you would normally do with a SD card from digital camera. Film has to be developed in a film lab, and that costs a lot of money. But all these elements keep us and our crew excited. But we still have to be calm and professional because every minute of film we shoot costs money!

Because we want to make things look as realistic as possible we're going to use real blood squibs from SquibFx instead of using digital fx that are becoming more and more popular these days. We will also be using prop guns (with a permit of course!)

The whole cast and crew is excited to start shooting this short film, and creating something cool to watch for the world!




Quote that inspired the maker

We tend to do period stuff because it helps make it one step removed from boring everyday reality.
Ethan Coen