At first sight

At first sight
An Animation by Sjaak Rood
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LOCKLINETwo cars, facing eachother on a remote country road. Who will give way to the other? A hilarious animation about stubbornness and its consequences.


At first sightLoveA man meets a woman.The title suggests a love story. But is it?RaggenViolence!At first sight started with a few sketches of two cars facing one another. A lot of smoke and honking emphasised the anger of the drivers. The question: how will this continue? became the starting point from which the scenario of this film developed.They're both too stubborn to give way to the other. In fact they violently drive into each other to push the other car away, but it doesn't work. They are still there when the evening falls.At first sight develops into a bizarre life story of two people who can't live without each other anymore, as much as they would like to....AbsurdAt first sight will be an absurd and funny film, but also a film that moves the audience in the end.Themes like "what do you do with your life" and "why do or don't you make certain choices" are continuously present.Seriousness packed in grotesque absurdity. Something funny won't always be a laughing matter then. An earnest matter not always so serious.Raw and wildYou could describe my animation style as playful and dynamic, with a lot of room for deformation in movement and transitions. It gives the film a special expression, and it is a very nice way to animate! It is very rewarding to watch such a series of drawings come to life.MusicThe music will be made by Martin Fondse (composition, piano), Claudio Puntin (clarinet), and Jörg Brinkmann (cello). It will be a mix of jazz-improvisation and composed music.Martin Fondse has done a lot of film- and animation filmmusic.SupportIn cooperation with producer Paul de Heer of Heer & Meester Film, I really want to make this film.At first sight has got funding from the Dutch Film Fund, but we still have a gap in our budget. We cannot make this film possible without your support!What's in it for me?If you are a contributor to At first sight you not only make this film possible, you'll also get something in return. Check out the rewards and be tempted!Spread the word!If you think this project is worthwhile, please send this request to your friends and family using all socila media you can get your hands on. Share and like At first sight! The more people know about it, the better our chances to get the project funded!Keep informedYou can subscribe to the newsletter. I will keep you informed about the developments of this crowdfund campaign. On top of that you can watch the developement of the first scene.

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