Finity Calling

Finity Calling
An Animation by Jasper Kuipers
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LOCKLINEAn allegorical animation film about the role of impermanence in our life.



Slowly but surely a small project has grown into an international enterprise. For FINITY CALLING we have financial support from the Dutch Film Fund, the Flemish Audiovisual Fund and the Creative Industries Fund NL.I cannot wait to start shooting, but we are not quite there yet. Help me with this very last step so that this special project may take shape - and you may be proud of your contribution.


The film is set in one small space. A group of people is sitting at a table in a room with windows, but no one looks outside. On the table are plates with food and glasses with beverages. It is quiet, no one says anything. Bored, the men and women pick at their food. Under the table is a boy. He is playing and in a rowdy way constantly disrupting the rest at the table. His youthful candour is not appreciated by everybody. The story takes a strange and ominous turn when it starts raining birds outside. When the curious boy secretly takes one of the birds inside, he doesn’t know that he sets in motion a series of events that will eventually have serious consequences for everybody.


Adults look with a kind of envy to small children because they don’t yet have a sense of finiteness. When we watch the comings and goings of children, we adults are faced with our own mortality. The contrast with our actions, that unconsciously but continuously are determined by the sense of impermanence, can hardly be greater.

I think becoming aware of the finiteness of life is a process, a rite of passage. "Coming of age" is a frequently used theme in literature and cinema. In FINITY CALLING I want to use this individual transition from one world to another as a metaphor. By telling a wondrous and imaginative story I want to show this moment as a crucial change in contradictory ways of thinking.

The small story that I tell in the animated film acts as a door to the large story that is familiar to every adult. In FINITY CALLING the time is stopped  for a moment; we can then reflect on a particular moment of awareness. Developments in the field of technology, communication and art are gaining momentum, so the temptation arises to only look ahead. To get a view of where we are I think it is just as important to look backwards. How does the past shape the present? And how does that influence our view on the future?

FINITY CALLING is in the borderland of experimental film and conventional narrative animation. The film is characterized by the combination of the traditional stop-motion technique with a contemporary design. For this I work closely with the remarkable fashion duo MaryMe-JimmyPaul who are creating an international furore with designs pairing fashion and art. 


In the design I have chosen to have chance play an important role. For the character designs I have developed a process that cannot be controlled completely. Through the erosion of the plaster casts the most whimsical forms and textures are created that could never have been planned.

To make the story as effective as possible I choose an alienating atmosphere. Shine, reflection and flat surfaces with unnaturally straight lines often cause an unattractive coldness in 3D computer animation. By using these features in a positive way in a stop-motion film, an alienating contrast is created between the cold room and the human figures. Working with reflective materials does not make the shooting easier but by paying extra attention to the lighting, it will in the end produce a puppet film with an exciting new kind of image.

It has been a long-cherished wish of mine to work with fashion designers. For the dressing of the puppets in FINITY CALLING I turned to the duo MaryMe-JimmyPaul. In their work they seek the borderland between fashion and art, resulting in narrative design with bizarre materials and extreme silhouettes. The miniature collection they have developed specifically for this film will also be presented elsewhere as a stand-alone fashion collection.

The producer of FINITY CALLING, seriousFilm, is working closely together with our Belgian colleagues in the form of co-producer Walking The Dog. The development phase of the film has been made possible by the NIAf through their artist-in-residence programme. For the fabrication of the puppets we cooperate with the renowned stop-motion animation studio Pedri Animation. The armatures are developed in Poland by studio Se-Ma-For. The young filmmaker Jos Meijers is closely involved in the screen-writing phase, the storyboarding and finally in the editing. On top of that he also unleashed his talents on the trailer for this campaign. 


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 Jasper Kuipers | Breda, September 2013

Quote that inspired the maker

Only animation has mobilised absurdity with perfect coherence.
Robert Benayoun, film critic
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