Film 'Kissinger, The Last Hurrah' update september 2018

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September 2018

The international short film production ‘Kissinger, The Last Hurrah’ has entered its final stages of post-production. This summer together with producer Digna Sinke from SNG Film (Amsterdam, NL) and editor Ania Harre from Metropolisfilm ( Utrecht, NL) we have worked on the story where we follow the train of thought of Henry Kissinger in his preparation for an upcoming lecture while on a road trip along the coastal roads, suburbs and cul-du-sacs of Marseille (Fr) with his wife Nancy.

Composer Karl Heortweard together with Ernst Spyckerelle, who just graduated as a Master Composing for cinema film in Amsterdam, will be responsible for an original score and soundtrack.

Work on getting the film ready for the international festival season to come has commenced. Today all our ambassadors and partners have been informed personally about our progress. We are excited to announce this milestone in the production of ‘Kissinger, The Last Hurrah’.

For further inquiries about the production 'Kissinger, The Last Hurrah' please contact me via email

Kind regards

Hugo Naber

Producer and director of  'Kissinger, The Last Hurrah' 

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