Festival time

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Hi everyone, 

Here’s a quick update on what’s going on behind the scenes: 

Festival time!
First off, great news: Netflix & Chill has been selected to compete at the Netherlands Film Festival in September!
A very big hug to each and every one of you to help make this happen.

Special note to everyone who will receive the screening reward (€250 and up): I will make sure your receive a seat at one of the festival screenings at the festival, with some popcorn.

So is the film finished?
Just because we’re in a festival, doesn’t mean the film’s finished… 
We’re in the final stages, wrapping up sound and grading. This is also where we will be incorporating some special sounds from everyone who donated enough to become an extra. You wil receive instructions in your email soon. A very special shoutout to sound designer Vincent Sinceretti, composer Juho Nurmela and colorist Roel Videler for taking this film to another level!

What else?
Getting the rewards out to you is still on the to do list. I also want to introduce some of the great cast and crew to you. And I’ll be posting some behind the scenes stuff soon on Facebook, so be sure to like: facebook.com/netflixandchillfilm

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