Frequently Asked Questions

About CineCrowd

CineCrowd is a non-profit organization that provides an opportunity to filmmakers to present and pitch their ideas to the public. Individuals as well as businesses can safely contribute to a film and so make possible its realization. This type of financial support is also known as 'crowd funding'. 

The supporter will get something from the filmmaker in return for his or her contribution - such as tickets to the festival that will be featuring the film, a mention on the credits/IMDb, or the chance to visit the set. That way, everyone shares in the passion of filmmaking at the end of the day! CineCrowd is a foundation and, like many of the film projects on this website, works on a non-profit basis.


CineCrowd is a non-profit organization, founded by a group of enthusiastic filmmakers. It is located in Amsterdam. CineCrowd is a foundation and works on a non-profit basis.


CineCrowd arose from the need for alternative forms of financing and was founded by a group of enthusiastic filmmakers who wanted to bring about such alternatives. We noticed that there was a desire on the part of businesses and individuals to gain easier access to reliable filmmakers with excellent film ideas. Together, you and CineCrowd make it possible to make films faster, to respond quickly to actual events and to increase the supply of films. CineCrowd is a new way of filmmaking that allows the audience to decide which film project they find interesting and wish to support.


CineCrowd wants to provide a platform to the makers of high quality, original films. Of course, we make a selection from the projects submitted to us in order to ensure that your money will be well spent. Not only do we look at prior work by the makers, we also assess their sense of passion for this project, its feasibility and its budget size. In principle,CineCrowd does not exclude any film genres. Documentaries, animation films or feature films: you, the viewer, will be the one who decides which particular films will actually be made. 


Experiment without risk: if a project should not reach the target amount within the set time limit, you may transfer your contribution to any other project on this website or simply choose to be refunded.


You share in the passion of filmmaking: CineCrowd offers you the opportunity to visit the film set, to attend a film festival that features "your" film, or simply to see your own name on the big screen for the very first time. You decide how involved you would like to be in your film.


You support talent: last but not least, you help Dutch film talent to prove themselves in the film industry. You make it possible for them to fulfill their dream, to turn that one special script into a film in a fast and democratic manner. You determine whether a film is actually made.


All projects on CineCrowd must reach the target amount before the set time limit expires. If they do not, the contributions will be refunded to the supporters. Why?


1. Less risk for everyone. If you need 10,000 Euro, but receive only 7,000 Euro in contributions, your supporters will still be expecting a 10,000-Euro film.
2. It allows you to easily try out different film concepts - both as a filmmaker and as a film lover.
3. It motivates people. When you are supporting a project, you want it to be realized. In this way, everyone contributes to promoting the project and hence to promoting films on CineCrowd in general.


How can I place a project on CineCrowd?

We believe that pre-selection will increase the quality of the projects and reduce the risk for everyone involved. By pre-selecting, we are able to offer high quality film projects to supporters, sponsors and festivals - made by professionals who feel passionate about film. If a project is placed on CineCrowd, this not only implies that it will likely acquire sufficient funding, but also that it will indeed be produced and exhibited at festivals, on television or in the movie theaters.

Of course, you are free to promote your film anywhere you like. However, if you have an intriguing idea for a film project, we would love to place it on CineCrowd. This is what we are offering in return: 

- CineCrowd itself regularly makes the news, which will enable you to reach potential supporters that might have been difficult to contact with otherwise.

- Social media, Vimeo clips, texts and photos: you can use all of these resources to promote your project without needing to rely on a website designer

- Contributions through CineCrowd are tax deductible up to 150% - a "fun fact" you may use to convince a more serious supporter

- We will be happy to help you design a personal campaign that will generate the most interest possible.






We welcome all film projects in search of (partial) funding. In principle, we do not select projects based on content. However, we have set a number of "practical" conditions in order to be able to offer assurances to the public that CineCrowd projects are realistic & feasible.

We look at:
• How realistic is the budget? Is the budget far above or far below what could be considered reasonable?
• How crowd-fundable is the project? Are the rewards original and personal? How do you intend to ensure media attention? Is the film original, personal or responding to actual topics?
• Does this project broaden the range of projects offered by CineCrowd? Do you have a unique and exciting idea for an animation film, documentary or feature film? Then please send us an e-mail and there is a good chance that we will be crowd funding your film soon!

You are a filmmaker, you have an interesting idea for a film and you want to start crowd funding? Great.

Registration is simple, but we do assess all submissions prior to placing a project on our website. We use various criteria to do so, the most important of which are:

- Have you already proven yourself as a filmmaker?
- How are you planning to find supporters (what campaign strategy do you intend to use)?

and, of course:
- What is your project and does it match the budget you are proposing? 

We recommend that you begin by carefully reading the section How does it work for filmmakers. Once you think you are ready to proceed, please go directly Launch a project to submit your project. 

Are you still feeling hesitant? Then please contact us by e-mail at We will be happy to assist you with your submission. Please send us all relevant information, in any case including:

• Who are you? (A short overview of your career as a filmmaker, if possible with a link to prior work.)
• Who will be the producer? We need someone to take responsibility for the money that comes in and for the production process, as a guarantee to the supporters.
• What does your project entail? We will need to read a synopsis and/or a full script. In addition, we would like to receive a clear explanation of your motives for wanting to make this film, as well as an overview of the cast & crew (insofar as they have already made a commitment to your film).
• What is your intended campaign strategy? We will of course do our best to create a network of active supporters on your behalf, but how will you be mobilizing your own network? Do you have specific rewards in mind already?
• How much money will you need? What is your target amount and how long do you think it will take to reach that amount on CineCrowd?

After receiving your e-mail, we will get back to you as soon as possible (within two weeks of receiving your e-mail) in order to further inform you of the ways in which you may realize your film project through CineCrowd.


Do you have any further questions? We would be happy to answer them for you. Please send us an e-mail at or call us at telephone number (+31) 020 893 2581.

How does CineCrowd work?

Transfers from foreign bank accounts are no problem whatsoever: we offer all common payment methods, both international as credit card, PayPal and local MrCash (Belgium) and iDeal (Netherlands).

Filmmakers are subject to pre-selection before they are eligible for submitting a project to CineCrowd. We only work with filmmakers who have proven themselves. In addition, we consider education and training, talent, previous realized productions, relevant professional experience and, of course, the artist's passion! Furthermore, it is always possible to contact a filmmaker personally through e-mail.

As soon as the full target amount has been reached, a project is officially considered successful. However, contributions remain possible until the time limit expires. The agreement between CineCrowd and the filmmaker guarantees that all contributions made by supporters will be used for the purpose of the production concerned. The money will be transferred to the filmmaker, who will then be responsible for honoring the arrangements made with supporters. As a supporter, you can stay updated on the latest news regarding a project on its update page. Otherwise, the filmmaker will personally keep you informed in a different way.

Your contribution will be transferred to a bank account that is administered by the CineCrowd Foundation. Only when a film project has reached its goal, the money will be transferred to the filmmaker. When a project does not reach its goal, the contribution will be refunded to your account. Anonymous contributions are also refunded, based on the bank account details of the original transaction.

Every project has its own update page that shows the progress of that project through, for example, clips of the casting process, interviews with the makers and actors, blogs by the director, etcetera. You can also indicate that you wish to receive e-mail updates and newsletters related to the project.

Once you contribute to a project, your contribution is final. However, if the project you support does not reach the full target amount within the set time limit, your contribution will be refunded to your account, minus a handling fee. In this way, we make it possible to try out various film concepts, without risk!

If a project does not reach the full target amount, your contribution will be refunded to your account. Easy & risk-free!

Have you spotted a CineCrowd project that you think should be made immediately?

In that case, please select the 'It’s a wrap' option. This will allow you to contribute the full remaining balance of the target amount in one fell swoop! The reward offered in return for selecting the 'It's a wrap' option often is well worth it!

Becoming a supporter is quite simple: click on the button 'support this film' and follow the instructions that follow. Payments can be made through iDeal,MrCash or PayPal. All contributions are received in a bank account that is administered by the CineCrowd Foundation. Consequently, all financial transactions occur in all safety. It is, of course, possible to contribute anonymously (if you prefer that the project holder does not know the identity of the supporter or simply do not feel like registering) Please note: since the filmmaker does not know who you are, you will not receive rewards in return for your contribution either!

Contributions in kind are also a possibility, such as sponsoring through making catering, transportation or film material available. If you would like to contribute in kind, please contact CineCrowd ( 

Hoe werkt CineCrowd?

By logging in the filmmaker knows to whom and where your rewards can be send and of course you can easily follow the projects you supported. We ensure that all your information will be we treated confidentially, check also our general terms.

Don’t feel like logging in? Select ‘I support anonymously’. Keep in mind that when you supoort anonymously no rewards can be send to you.

By logging in the filmmaker knows to whom and where your rewards can be send and of course you can easily follow the projects you supported. We ensure that all your information will be we treated confidentially, check also our general terms. Don’t feel like logging in? Select ‘I support anonymously’. Keep in mind that when you support anonymously no rewards can be send to you.

Hoe plaats ik een project op CineCrowd?

CineCrowd is the crowdfunding platform for filmmakers and we love to help you to realize your movie! However, we do advise all filmmakers to carefully consider your options which platform best fits your needs. To make it a little easier we have compared the major crowdfunding platforms for films below. Do call us (+31 20 893 2581) or mail us ( If you need more information, we are happy to assist you!  

  CineCrowd Kickstarter IndyGoGO
Succesfully financed projects 75% 40% 23%
Tax benefits (the Netherlanss) Yes (upto 150%) No No
Coaching in setting up your campaign Yes No No
Fee platform 10% (flat fee) 8-10% (incl creditcard cost) 7-12% (incl payPal cost)
Available languages English & Dutch English English
Payment systems supported iDeal / PayPal / Int. booking / Creditcard Creditcard Creditcard & PayPal
Workshops / Skype sessions Yes No No
Promotion on international festivals Yes No No
Percentage of professional filmmakers 100% 10-20% 5-10%