Emergency XL

Emergency XL
A Short film by Freddy Lond & Nicolas Dillen
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About the project
LOCKLINETwo brothers get confronted with a bunch of gangsters in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Londfilms presents:
'Emergency XL'

Emergency XL is a tragicomedy that tells about a brotherly love.

In a town, somewhere in peaceful Flanders of Belgium, two brothers encounter a big tragedy.

The story is about Zeno and Bram. Together they work in the undertaker's business of their father Igor. Zeno is an introverted teenager. Contrary to his older brother, who finds his outlet in fitness. Their tight bond softens the loss of their mother.
On this particular evening, the brothers decide to make a joyride with the hearse. During their ride they make a stopover at a night pharmacy. By pure accident, the same pharmacy falls prey to a gang of robbers. Their paths only cross a few minutes but it turns into one of the bloodiest minutes for both groups...


This film is about family and unconditional love, and how they can suddenly disappear. What does that to you as a human being?

This short film will be created as a spin-off for a series that we are planning to make. It's called Medicine Men: The Serial. Some supporting roles in the short film will act as the protagonists in the series. They will take the trauma that they suffer in Emergency XL with them to the series. Both projects are set in the same universe. In summary, Medicine Men: The Serial will be a nonlinear, satirical crime drama-serial with a 50-minute duration per episode. An important similarity between the two projects is the reference to the pulp stories of the 80s and the B-movie content from the Grindhouse movies. The images will be strongly supported in the 80s MTV style series, such as Miami Vice, with upbeat tempo rave and synthesizer music.

Stills from the short film Medicine Men (directed by Freddy Lond):

Link to the short film Medicine Menhttps://vimeo.com/98210371

Like & Share: http://www.facebook.com/MEDICINEMEN2014

Link to the website: http://www.londfilms.com


So you've got this far and you've read about our project so hopefully you're excited enough about Emergency XL that you'll be so kind as to consider backing it. It was always our intention to look to Cinecrowd. Passion took us this far, but now we need the help and generosity of likeminded people who love film; people who love a tragicomedy; and most of all, people who love a great story. This is going to be a great film, and it's all because of you!

Where's all this money going?

Your contributions will help us cover the costs of:

  • Locations
  • Wardrobe
  • Camera and sound gear, lighting equipment
  • Transport
  • Production Design
  • Post production Sound and Film Soundtrack
  • Using Industry Professionals: actors, director of photography, soundman etc.
  • Film Identity Design (Titles, Poster, General communication material)
  • Deliverables (DVD/Blu-Ray masters, digital master, materials, legal documentation)

We are determined to do our best to give the short film an extended life across festival circuits and multiple distribution platforms.

For the more immediate future, we have also come up with a number of exciting rewards that we hope will make your contribution feel even more valuable!

So if you're intrigued by what you've seen and would like to see more of it, please help us make it happen!!!

Thank you for your time and interest in the project, and please do help us spread the word.

Quote that inspired the maker

"The good die young but pricks live forever."
Lewis Black