Een normaal leven

A normal life
A Short film by Leon de Levita
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LOCKLINEOnce a daughter of a commune member feels neglected, she decides to take surpising actions to obtain more love and attention.


In this short film ‘A normal life’ we follow the mother ‘Melissa’, she is living in the aftermath of her daughter's doings. Melissa is enthralled with the lifestyle in a small hippie commune.

The daughter blamed her mother as the actual culprit for her sudden actions, because she put the interest of the commune before the needs of her child, Anandi. Anandi is ashamed of living in the commune, the weird meditations, odd rituals and the free sex.

The pent up emotions combined with a huge amount of shame are to much to handle for Anandi. In the hope to get more attention and love from her mother, she undertakes huge actions.

The mother is seen as the example of “education gone wrong” by many people, and so she suffers from all the people staring at her and calling her names. Anandi convince the people; it is all because of her mother, her behavior and deeds are a side effect of the ‘strange’ education she had, she feels neglected.

Is Melissa perpetrator or victim…?

Loneliness, neglect and hopelessness defines this short film. Anandi’s motive for her actions become more clear bit by bit the story progresses.


Black Bee Productions

'A normal life' is produced by Black Bee Productions, a new production company established by Leon de Levita and Casper Molin. These young two fascinating filmmakers are more than experienced for their age. Both of these boys come from filmmaking families. In their childhood they more often saw a call sheet than a newspaper.

Black Bee Productions finds it extremely important the Dutch film movement keeps improving. That’s why Black Bee is surrounded by a young, but an experienced team. With this enthusiast team they are able to make new and extraordinary films.

The film has already been shot. For post-production, publicity and distribution we need more money. Who is going to help us.., so we can make this wonderful project succeed together!

Quote that inspired the maker

Everything has already been done. every story has been told every scene has been shot. it’s our job to do it one better.
Stanley Kubrick
This project was successfully funded on 04-11-2018

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