Eduards Wonderlijke Boekwinkel - Pilot Kinderserie

Edward's Miraculous Bookstore - Children's Series Pilot
A Short film by Annabel Essink
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About the project
LOCKLINEIn an attempt to save his parents from the monstrous divorce they are getting, Robin (12) gets lost in the miraculous world of an old bookstore.

Edward’s Miraculous Bookstore is about the importance of stories and imagination. 

With this crowdfunding campaign, besides trying to find the budget that could help realise the pilot as beautiful and magical as possible; Blunt Cinema also wants to show the need for the series’ message. Writer-Director Annabel Essink: “Contemporary stories seem to be rather cynical whilst it’s the hopeful ones we remember. With this children’s series we are bringing an ode to imagination.” 

The pilot already has the support several Dutch organisations such as the CPNB, Library DOK and Youth theater school Rabarber. 


When Robin (12) finds out his parents are getting a divorce, he feels responsible to prevent this from happening. Robin starts to search the little village where he lives for that one small thing that could save his parents from their monstrous divorce. But because Robin does not know what he is looking for, he cannot find it. 

At wit's end, Robin enters an old bookstore. The owner of the store, Edward, offers him a cup of hot chocolate and assures him he can help. Robin is perplexed when the man shows him a book filled with empty pages. But then, Edward starts to tell the story of Robin. He knows everything, and even predicts when the store's bell will tinkle. 

Three visitors enter the bookstore that evening: the first one is Ela, an elegant enchantress who grieves over the dead body of her cat Olivier; the second is Enzo Bombardieri, a lost pirate who will never be at sea again since a hideous monster bit off his left leg; and the third one is Sam, a clever girl who is rehearsing a theatre piece in which she will play a princess. By helping them one by one, Robin discovers something miraculous. 


Why this series’ pilot?

In Oxford, every stone and door seems to harbor a story. When Annabel (the writer-director) and Freek (the cinematographer) were visiting the town last November, they were amazed and inspired. It was there and then that the fundamentals of the story were built.

"We were sitting in a pub, drinking beer in the late afternoon, and we talked about how imagination got us through the difficult events in our lives. This is something we want to pass on to the next generation, we said. Stories are powerful: they require imagination to be told and courage to be listened to. This should never be forgotten in this sometimes cynical world. 

When the script was finished a few weeks later, lots of people responded to it both very enthusiastically and not fulfilled at all. What happens to the characters after this story, they asked, and where do they come from? 

We decided the world we created was so full, it should be transformed into a series instead of just one short film." 

Where’s the project now? 

The cast and crew are nearly complete. Edward’s bookstore will be shot in a children’s theater at the end of August. At the moment, we are collecting as many books and magic as we can. We need your support in order to do so! 

Where do you come in? 

Edward's Miraculous Bookstore requires a lot of precise artistic decisions in order to make it work. We chose to build the entire bookstore ourselves. In this way, it can be precisely as miraculous as we envision it to be. In order to do so, we need financial support. We now know how many children and grown-ups are craving a new, yet somehow familiar magical world, in which the power of storytelling triumphs. This makes us comfortable enough to reveal our plans through this crowdfunding campaign: we trust in the need for stories.  

How do we use the money? 

The majority of the money will go towards Edward’s bookstore: to his 10.000 books, the curious objects he collected during his travels, his non-functioning furniture, et cetera. 

Our cast and crew are contributing voluntary. We all want to tell this story.  

If the bookstore is complete and there is some budget left, we will use it to help distribute the film and spread its message.


Dit project wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door het VSB fonds.

Quote that inspired the maker

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality”
Cheshire Cat
This project was successfully funded on 08-08-2017

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