The Dripping Man

The Dripping Man
A Short film by Willem Gerritsen
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LOCKLINEA unique collaboration between film, fashion and modern music; a short film about xenophobia and identity.


An endessly dripping wet man walks towards the only house with lit windows in an otherwise abandoned area. Inside he encounters a diverse group of people that he wants nothing more than to be a part of. Only by giving up his own identity he can „dry up” and become one of them.

Fashion design duo MARTAN (Diek Pothoven & Luuk Kuijf) joins forces with director Willem Gerritsen (known for directing Penoza) and the Asko | Schönberg music ensemble.

In the past we, MARTAN, have made fashion films around our existing collections. 

For the new collection we were inspired by the story of the Piano Man (see below). A story formed in our heads about xenophobia and identity within a group arose and we couldn't fully do justice to the subjects by treating this as a regular collection with a catwalk presentation and a 'fashion' film. So we came up with the idea to make a narrative short film, for which MARTAN will specifically design the clothes for each character: Artistic pieces that will play a conceptual and metaphorical role within the narrative. A unique marriage between fashion design and filmmaking.

In a tight collaboration with writer/director Willem Gerritsen, we have developed a script for a 10-minute short film. It was our intention to create a story that is emotionally gripping, but also abstract and multi-layered. Please read the full synopsis here: (copy link into new URL)

But there's more: we wanted to create a multidisciplinary product where film, theatre, music and design are all more or less equally involved from the earliest stages of the process. Film has the unique quality of incorporating all of these disciplines. We looked for people to collaborate with and started a creative dialogue between all the involved parties. We are very proud to be able to call the Asko | Shönberg ensemble our musical partner. Composer Raphael Vanoli will compose and produce new music based on our shared themes and will even play it on set to influence the actors in their portrayal of the characters.


We were inspired by „the piano man”. In 2005 he was all over the news as he washed ashore in Kent. He was wandering the streets wearing a soaking wet suit and tie, and did not answer any questions. Remaining silent, he was presented a pen and paper in the hope he would write down his name. Instead, he drew a detailed sketch of a grand piano. When they first brought him to a piano, he started playing non-stop for four hours. The following months press from all around the world tried to lay claim to this man but no one identified him until years later.  In a world where boats full of refugees are denied access to shores and washed up migrants are not acknowledged; this story seems to shed light as well as cast a shade on the paradoxical relationship we have to “The Stranger”.This true story was the start of an investigation into artificially constructed group identities and xenofobia.


Even though all creative heads & production company CZAR are working for free and we're gonna pull all the strings we can pull, we need some budget to make this film on the quality level it deserves to be made. The intention is to make a film that has international legs and can thrive in the film festival circuit.  

MARTAN is developing special limited edition clothing items to reward you for your generous donation. Please look to your right for the other perks. We can’t wait to realise this project and thank you for your support!

A previous MARTAN limited edition line to get you in the mood:


Quote that inspired the maker

This film is all about symbolism and abstractions in which the sea (and water) plays a vital role. The sea represents the origin, the source of human pureness. It embodies our shared heritage. In the film we eventually learn that ALL characters once washed ashore; we are all just ‘guests’ in this world. The clothes of MARTAN’s collection are the key to this visual motif: we learn that the amount of dryness or wetness is indicative to their specific a character and behavior.
Director: Willem Gerritsen
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