The Dream for Water

The Dream for Water
A Documentary by Mohammad Vaezi
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About the project
LOCKLINEThe story of a startup in South Khorasan, Iran which intends to confront with the water shortage crisis.

Summary of the script

Water shortage is getting worse every day in Iran. Severe decline in the level of underground water resources and the drought have caused many concerns about the future of water in the country. 90% of groundwater in Iran is used for agriculture. Among the agricultural crops, Saffron needs the least amount of water and is known as the “hero” of adaptability to water scarcity, among the rest.

Mohammad Qaempanah, has started a startup, a website for farmers in his city, Qaen in South Khorasan. Each farmer has an online shop in this website to sell his/her saffron to end users without any middlemen. His intention is to increase income for saffron farmers in order to prevent them to cultivating unnecessary crops that absorb more water.


Water shortage crisis in Iran is forcing many young Iranians consider immigration, this is the connecting concept between Mohammad Vaezi (the researcher and director). We want to create a well produced and distributed documentary to make it possible for a large audience to hear this amazing story of hope.

one of Qaen's qanats (aqueduct) dried out now

Documentary story

Mohammad Qaempanah was born in an originally farmer family in Qaen, South Khorasan; in 1979. He pursued his dream while studying in the university. He started an Internet Service Provider in his small town which was not successful. A while later, he moved to Mashhad and started to work as a website developer and after that, he established an export department in a small pomegranate paste factory.After nearly 2 years, he left the factory and started exporting saffron. After the sanctions on Iran, he couldn’t continue his work and started a vegetarian restaurant to show his fellow-citizens how a person’s diet can relate to the global warming. ( lemonde article about it

He married Zainab who is a yoga trainer, and to start their life together they moved to a village on hillside in Binalood, Khorasan. After a while they moved to Mashhad and started “Kavi Konj”, the first Iranian nature school, with the help of Abdolhossein Vahhabzadeh (a well-known Iranian ecologist). This school gives children who are used to concrete walls and asphalt streets, the experience of nature.

In 2015, “Afra”, Mohammad and Zainab’s daughter is born and they both face a serious question. When Afra is grown up, will there be enough water in Iran that she can live a comfortable life?
Long before, Qaen had 12 Qantas (aquedastes) which people used the water for their agriculture, now all are dried out. Rising number of licensed and not licensed water wells caused Qaen aquifer’s level to decrease 0.5 meter each year, a real crisis. Mohammad and Zainab were thinking about leaving the country when an idea came to their minds that changed their lives.

New business, New way 

Mohammad with his brother Hamzeh and his uncle Ebrahim started a new business; helping Qaen’s saffron farmers to sell their products online. In this business, “Keshmoon”, Qaen’s farmers can sell their products on a website, customers can read each farmer’s profile, which contains pictures and details of farmer’s life, details of the work on the farms including cultivating and harvesting saffron. The costumer is able to buy saffron from any farmer he/she prefers.

Saffron needs a lot less water than other crops, and at the same time it’s more expensive comparing to others, therefore, this business can make the farmers give up cultivating other crops such as alfalfa, barley and beetroot. This is something that can help Mohammad to make his dream come true.

Photo By: Rox Khorasani 

Keshmoon attracted a lot of attention in a short period of time and in the second iBridge event, gathering of Iranian entrepreneurs in Barcelona, Spain, became the 2nd startup among tens of participants. Mohammad dreams of expanding Keshmoon to other products and making it a platform which helps farmers to have more income by applying sustainable and water-efficient methods.


What will this fund?

This fund will able us in research, production, post-production and distribution costs.

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Being friends with Keshmoon team has its benefits, thus we have two special rewards. Above 250 Euros we will send you premium quality saffron from Keshmoon farmers.

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Also for our top donators, donating 3000 Euros and 6000 Euros, we will arrange an exotic 5 day trip for you to Iran visitig Tehran and Qaen.

Quote that inspired the maker

“What are we fighting for? To change something that you're not happy with, to something that's better!”
Mohammad Qaempanah
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