At Home in the Village
A Documentary by Tom Roggen & Casper Slotboom
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About the project
LOCKLINEAn artistic and musical documentary about life in a rural village and how much a close-knit community can mean for one of its residents.


In this documentary, artist and musician Felix Roosenstein shows us the village of Pingjum from his perspective. He is from Amsterdam, but went to live in Pingjum ten years ago. He fell in love with the village and does not have to return to the the big city.

In addition to making engaged art and music about social themes around the village, he also actively works for the village. Felix is a driving force behind various art projects and actively promoted initiatives such as the village garden, daytime activities and music projects in the area.

In the documentary, Felix shows us the village and we come into contact with him with the various people who work for the clubs. Together with him we want to show what a person can mean for a village and what a village can mean for a person.

The idea for the film came from one of the directors who lived in the village for a few years. He knew that Pingjum had a good story to tell because he saw that the village was actively trying not to fall into oblivion and in Felix he found the right person to tell this story.


Filming for the documentary is almost over, but a lot has to happen before we can show our film on the big screen. We want to use the money from this crowdfund campaign for profesional color correction, final editing and audio editing. We also want to use part of the money to spread the film worldwide at various documentary festivals.

Unfortunately, all of this is not possible without your support for our documentary. We have already invested part of our own money in production, but without your help we are not going to reach our final goal. Do you also want a small village in Friesland to get the chance to show itself to the world? Then view the donation options on the right side of your screen.

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Quote that inspired the maker

"Music is the ultimate art form for me. You can not do anything with it, you make it and it's gone."
Felix Roosenstein