Do not sing to me, my beauty

Do not sing to me, my beauty
A Video clip by Marieta Landkroon
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LOCKLINEDo not sing to me, my beauty is an artistic music video combined with an intense classical song by Rachmaninoff, sung by soprano Laetitia Gerards.

Wat een geweldig nieuws: met nog 4 dagen te gaan hebben we ons streefbedrag bereikt. Heel erg bedankt voor alle gulle bijdragen.

Doneren kan echter nog steeds. Iedere extra euro zullen wij besteden om het bereik van de muziek-video te maximaliseren. Denk aan: meer inschrijvingen bij filmfestivals (vragen inschrijfgeld), promotie op social media zoals Facebook en Google, extra drukwerk zoals filmposters en studenten teams die ons ondersteunen bij de uitrol van de promotiecampagne. De out-of-pocket kosten van deze activiteiten gaan we uit de extra bijdragen boven het streefbedrag financieren. 


The combination of a classical song and film is not very common, but why not? Combining film and classical music can only reinforce the story and the emotion that is conveyed. Classical songs can function as a basis for emotion and atmosphere within a video - thanks to its relevant, universal and current topics. Do not sing to me, my beauty (Ne poj krasivitsa pri mne) is a good example of this.

For years I have been studying and creating images that are based on personal stories or stories that moved me. I am convinced that my work is the most honest and authentic when I focus on experiences and feelings of my own life. I translate these aspects into a visual world in which I find it important that there is also space for ones own interpretation.

For me, this song is about a conflict between the outside and the inside. This theme is very present within social media: we constantly compare ourselves to others. Yet, we often only see the perfect side of someone else. I also regularly struggle with these feelings.

- Marieta Landkroon (director)


Do not sing to me, my beauty is an artistic music video in which film and classical music are combined. With the sounds of Ne poj krasavitsa pri mne, from the composer Serge Rachmaninoff, the music video revolves around the development of a young woman. While she sings, she shares the painful and beautiful memories of the hidden side of her personality. The mask for the outside and the hidden aspect of the personality are reflected in a melancholic way in a wealth of water, green leaves, red hair and a white skin.

To visualize the conflict, I've made the choice for filming under water and on location in Scotland. Water symbolizes emotions and the subconscious. Immersing in water reflects the overwhelming feeling of emotions - the dark emotions as well. With its rocky landscape, coastlines, flora and fauna, Scotland offers the perfect location to support the atmosphere and theme of the music video.

We want to record the film in July over a period of four (underwater in the Netherlands) and five (in Scotland) days. We'll work with two actresses, Laetitia Gerards and Nina Kollof.


Unfortunately, classical music is still often seen as 'dusty' and 'boring'. As a young artist, I want to show a wide audience that classical music can be incredibly inspiring and impressive. Within the culture of music videos there isn't much attention for classical music and that is one of the aspects that makes this project innovative and distinctive.


Laetitia and I started this project thanks to our shared passion and love for classical music. Thanks to the collaboration with Conrad Alleblas and Jamillah van der Hulst (JaJa Film Productions) we gathered a professional and passionate team who are eager to get started! Cameraman Roeland Bentvelzen, actress Nina Kollof, make-up artist Sophie van Bijleveld, editor Philip Smeulers and color grader Gwyn Evans complete our team.

In addition, we've had a lot of support for the recording of the song. Peter Riebeek and Joeri Saal of Studio150 took care of the recording and mastering. The ensemble consisted of Jelmer de Moed (clarinet), Rebecca Fransen (double bass), Liese Claesen (flute), Charlie Bo Meijering (piano), Eva van Haaften and Margot Kolodziej (violin), Michiel Wittink (viola) and Marcus van den Munckhof (cello). The song was arranged by Thomas Beijer.

We have a fantastic partner in Klassiek op het Amstelveld - organized by Tatiana Chevtchouk. This free classical music festival in Amsterdam offers the opportunity for a spectacular premiere where you are all invited!

The entire team has contributed or will contribute on a voluntary basis.


Thanks to our team, we have managed to limit the costs for this video. Yet it costs a lot to realize this video - mainly because filming under water and abroad - and you can help us with that! Below are a few examples that we will use the money for:

- Exploration in Scotland
- Travel / stay in Scotland
- Filming under water and equipment

Thank you very much!

Quote that inspired the maker

They remind me of another life and distant shores
Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin - 1828
This project was successfully funded on 10-05-2018

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