Dick Maas

Dick Maas
A Documentary by Jeffrey De Vore
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About the project
LOCKLINEA documentary on the action packed career of filmmaker Dick Maas, the director who brought us The Lift, Flodder, Amsterdamned and Prey.

DICK MAAS: The Documentary is the fully authorized documentary about The Netherlands' only true genre filmmaker: Dick Maas.

For over 40 years Dick Maas has made films in a unique and recognizable style. His credits include The Lift, Flodder, Amsterdamned and most recently Prey, a box office smash in China.  

In DICK MAAS: The Documentary we tell the story of an outsider who has never wanted to color within the lines and who is in every respect an original filmmaker; a director with a knack for black comedy and a distinctive visual style whose films are very auteur-driven, but are hugely successful and appeal to large audiences as well. Some of his films are so iconic that they have become part of Dutch culture.

The basis for the film consists of unique, never before seen, behind the scenes footage from Dick Maas' personal archive and many interviews with cast and crew members, fellow filmmakers, fans and of course with Maas himself. We’ll dive into the past to explore his action-packed career as a film director: from his first big breakthrough hit with The Lift, his success in the 80s with producing partner Laurens Geels, the demise of their ambitious film studio in Almere, up and until his last film Prey.

Who is this documentary for?

DICK MAAS: The Documentary will be a must see for anyone with an interest in film and how films are made; film lovers, students and fellow filmmakers will all find something to their liking in this film, but of course the film is mainly aimed at anyone who has enjoyed watching Dick Maas films and wants to know more about how those films came to be.


To make the documentary about Dick Maas that we envision, without compromise, we have decided to produce this film independently… which is why we need your help.

The money we’ll raise through crowdfunding will go straight into the film, especially in shooting the many interviews with cast and crew members. We have already recorded several interviews over the past two years, but there are still a lot of people we must get in front of our camera.

Ultimately, we feel that the best way to make a documentary about Dick Maas for the fans, is making it with help by his fans and we hope that we can count on your support.

Quote that inspired the maker

"Boodschappen doe je bij Albert Heijn"
Dick Maas