Deinende Dagen

Docu Deinende Dagen
A Documentary by Vera Hemmen en Gizelle Mijnlieff
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About the project
LOCKLINESeven weeks of sailing with no reach on your phone and just the people on board. What happens to your relation to the world, the nature and yourself?

Our documentary wil show a world which most people don't know: sailing on the ocean. In the beginning of April we shall embark on the beautiful vessel Bark Europa in Capetown, where we will leave for 53 days of sailing on the Atlantic Ocean, all the way up to the Azores. When you are sailing you work together with nature and the people on board. For the documentary we plan to compare our modern western society to the way people live on the ship.   

The film is about human relation to nature, realizing how small you are in the world but also plastic in the ocean and teamwork aboard the ship. Society has changed rapidly with technological developments and on the ship they still work as they did in the 18th century. 

The people on board have to deal with each other, one way or another. If there is a conflict (internally or with someone) you can't run away from your issue or find distraction. Because of this direct confrontation people learn a lot about themselves.

The ship will sail 24/7. Everybody on the ship will work around the clock with everybody on board to master the elements water and wind and sail the ship whenever they can.

It causes a sometimes confronting but mostly warm and welcoming evoirement. People are depending on each other and the unforgiveness of nature and breathtaking vieuws of the starry nights and sunrises make someone realize what is really important in life. 

We are journalism students and don't have a lot of money. Because we will be sailing for alsmost two months it is difficult to rent equipment, so we had to spend our savings on camera gear but also enough hard drives to hold the documentary and always keep a back up. (You never know when something will fly overboard and then it's gone forever)

People tend to get seasick when they watch footage made with a moving horizon so we also invested in a stabilazor. Besides that will get help from a composer who will make music especially for our film, and we will get help from a colourgrader and sounddesigner.

We need your help to pay for a part of all these costs, and we hope you find it important that this piece of art will come to life, for many people who maybe not have the chance to make a journey like this themselves. With your support we can submit to filmfestivals all over the world and show people that life on a ship can give you a perspective on what is really important in life.

The journey

Op april 8th we will start our journey of 53 days on the ocean. We will leave from Captown towards the Azores where we arrive 29th of may. On baord we will be reachable by sattelite mail and we will make two short stops on the islands St. Helena and Ascension Island.



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Quote that inspired the maker

'We don't just make sailors, we make citizens.'
Glen Hyman
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