De onzichtbare wereld die TOS heet

The invisible world of DLD
A Documentary by Kitty Loduvica Hiert
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LOCKLINEA mother's search for the right treatment for her son with an invisible disorder.

Fact; DLD is more common than autism spectrum disorder


This is Logan, a very cheery guy with a lot of passion and energy.

It's no secret that boys are often mother's favorite and a mama's boy, it's a universal and yet powerful thing.

A mother protects her children and in the meantime, you want what's best for them. But what if...your son is victimized through the system? 

In the invisible world of DLD I give you all access into our family, our struggles with the system in search of finding the right treatment for our son.  Our son has a Developmental Language Disorder and before he was diagnosed we hit a lot of walls. Our son was even misdiagnosed. Where all doors open for children with Autism, all doors closed for us but my mother instinct never let me down. So here we are, where I show you our family, our battle to find the right treatment but I also ask the most important question of them all; 'Is there a future for my son in this very lingual society?'




My name is Kitty Loduvica Hiert and I'm a proud mother, journalist, filmmaker, entrepreneur, and therapist. The moment I closed the door behind me at the university I hoped I would never have to deal with Pedagogics and children's psychology again. The old and almost dead knowledge is ready for innovation however, no one is willing to make a change. So I choose a creative career where my heart took the lead ending up in my passion for storytelling. Within this passion, I had the opportunity to tell incredibly inspiring stories but I never knew our family would once be part of this journey. In 2012 my husband and I became proud parents of our little did we know what was ahead of us...


It's 2015 and I'm sitting in my car, tears are rolling down from my eyes. I don't know what to do anymore. My son Logan is three years old and sits quietly in his car seat. Even the always happy guy is feeling exhausted as we just have been announced the diagnosis. According to the scientists, Logan is mentally disabled, had a low IQ (73) would have Autism and would never be able to attend school. Hearing this just broke my heart into a million pieces. And still, I never recognized my own son in this diagnosis and the things the scientist told me. I've worked with children with Autisme Spectrum Disorder and just knew it's not this, but what could it be?

In order to get to the right diagnosis and right care, I've walked an incredibly tough path. When a child cannot find the right words to speak in a very lingual society, it causes a lot of problems. The moment Logan cried on our way home, he tried to explain to me that someone kicked him in the belly because he couldn't find the right words to make him stop, just breaks my heart all over again. What does this young and sensitive little man have to endure just because he cannot find the right words? How do I deal with this as a mother?






















As we experience how much this disorder weights on our family. The struggles, stress and of course dispair because my son isn't recognized in his potential but surely not within his (dis)ability, that's why we started filming.

Also, due that DLD is very unknown with teachers, healthcare professionals, social workers, etc. millions of children are stuck in their development and education without access to the right treatments. We hope that this documentary will contribute to the awareness of this disorder so more families around the world will have access to the right treatment for their child and their family.



With 'The invisible world of DLD' I show you not just my experience as a mother fighting for her child, I also show my journalistic side by doing research on the current knowledge on DLD. I ask the questions like; "Why is this so invisible?" I speak with famous scientists and researchers s.a. Dr. Neeltje van den Bedem, Dr. Amanda van Horne (US), Pr. Dr. Sieneke Goorhuis-Brouwer and ask what DLD really means.

I also dive into an incredibly dedicated healthcare provider NSDSK that puts its heart and soul into helping families and children with DLD. They give me an all-access entry into their newest facility and show me what treatments are available. 

During this journey, I meet many more interesting professionals in this field, but also ask my most important question at heart; 'Will my son have a future?'



To finish this documentary, we need a final incentive for the post-production. This entails edits, music, sounddesign and animation.

My name is Kitty, Logan and I are in need of your help! 

Would you help us putting DLD on the map and support not just Logan, but 5-7% of all children globally in order to give them a fair chance in education and development?




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Quote that inspired the maker

"DLD is not commonly known and is often missed because of that"
Dr. Neeltje van den Bedem